FTX Token price prediction: Will FTT’s popularity surge continue?

Despite a volatile market, all is not bearish for the native cryptocurrency of the FTX exchange

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A volatile start to the year sent FTT into a downturn – Photo: Shutterstock


What does the FTX Token power?

The FTX Token (FTT) is the ERC-20 native cryptocurrency of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange. FTX is a highly popular international exchange with 302 tradable assets, outstanding regulatory compliance and a high liquidity rating. As such, FTX recently overtook Coinbase as the second highest-ranking exchange on CoinMarketCap, behind only Binance.

Because regulatory restrictions mean the international FTX exchange is unavailable in the US, the company launched FTX.US, which is compliant with federal and state legislation at the sacrifice of certain features. In particular, FTX.US has over 30 assets available for trade, against the international platform’s 300-plus tradable assets.

FTX gained some notable celebrity endorsements lately. American star footballer Tom Brady, along with his Brazilian supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen, are major investors, while the FTX logo can be seen on all Major League Baseball umpire uniforms. Larry David featured in a 2022 Super Bowl commercial for the exchange.

So what's the latest FTX Token price prediction?

A few token fundamentals

There are currently 136,045,993 million FTT in circulation, against a maximum supply of 352.17 million. With a recent trading price of $27.19 as of 14:10 BST (UTC+1) on 6 June 2022, FTT’s market capitalisation is just under $3.7bn, placing it at number 24 on the crypto market capitalisation chart. A recent 24-hour trading volume of $51.48m constituted 1.3% of market cap. 

FTT has an aggressive burn strategy as a hedge against inflation. In addition, 33% of all fees generated on the exchange go towards purchasing and subsequently burning FTT tokens.

In addition to the FTX exchange, FTT is available on Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi Global and AscendEX. FTT is not, however, available on FTX.US.

Slightly more than 52% of the maximum supply of FTT is held as company tokens, while 105 million are reserved for backstop marketing, backstop liquidity and other insurance purposes.

Latest trading performance

Currently priced at $27.19 against the US dollar, FTT reached an all-time high (ATH) of $85.02 on 9 September 2021, before entering a swift downturn. After the dramatic crypto free-fall during the first week of 2022, the token fell below the $36 support line, although some rejection on 7 January kept the token around the $36.90 mark.

Solid support has been witnessed over the past 12 months, including a strong support bounce in late June/early July. Following a drop to $31.18 on 24 January, FTT regained a lot of lost ground, having traded between $42 and $48 for much of February. The token entered a bullish trend from 13 March, rising 30% from $39.96 to $51.96, although a downturn began from the start of April, continuing through the weeks ahead.

As of 6 June 2022, FTT was trading 68.05% below its all-time high.

Digital forecaster overview

FTX Token could experience a 47% drop over the course of the year, according to WalletInvestor, which gives a $14.40 price target for the start of December. The popular digital forecaster’s FTX Token price prediction for 2025 predicts further major losses.

Moving over to DigitalCoinPrice’s targets, the forecaster’s FTX Token price prediction for 2022 closes out at $35.79, climbing to $124.10 in 2030. The $100 mark is expected to be crossed in 2029.

For a long-term price target, PricePrediction.net presents us with an FTX Token price prediction for 2030 of $787.39, equalling a 29-times return.

The FTX Token price prediction at Gov.capital has a fairly bullish sentiment, with a 12-month price point of $115.69 and a five-year forecast of $750.

Please note that digital forecasters use algorithms to determine price targets. While useful as a guide, these should not be viewed as genuine investment advice. In particular, they do not take into account external factors and fundamental analysis.


Is FTX Token a good investment?

FTX is a stable project that is growing in popularity. FTT could be a good investment in the long term, although WalletInvestor expects the coin to fall in value.

You should never discount the volatility of cryptocurrency markets. Be sure to conduct independent research, including scrutiny of the whitepaper, before placing an investment.

Will FTX Token go up?

In the short term, the FTT price predictions swing between bearish and optimistic. Since it is unclear how the latest bout of volatility will play out, FTT could either go up or down in the short term.

Forecasters are generally fairly bullish in their long-term FTX Token price predictions, but bear in mind that these predictions are only useful as a guide, not as genuine financial advice.

Should I invest in FTX Token?

Regardless of what you decide to do, comprehensive due diligence is essential before placing any investment in a cryptocurrency. While we aim to provide clear information, this article should not be construed as investment advice. Be sure to never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

Further reading

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