How many Binance coins are there?

The BNB exchange token leads the market, both in valuation and utility


Binance, launched in July 2017, is the largest centralised cryptocurrency exchange globally, frequently achieving daily trading volumes of more than $10bn and with more than 34 million users weekly, according to Coin Market Cap’s statistics.

As the premier centralised exchange (CEX) in the world, Binance enjoys outstanding liquidity ratings (LRs) for most major digital assets. Big hitters such as bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, TerraUSD, Fantom, MANA and more all achieve ratings on Coin Market Cap above 700/1000, thus reducing the likelihood of slippage when executing a trade. In total, 403 digital assets and 1,634 markets maintain an average LR of 805.

As reported by, Binance recently announced plans to relaunch its platform in the UK, after a ban imposed in June 2021  by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) over the exchange’s derivatives offering.

The announcement came after the surprising resignation of chief executive Brian Brooks, who blamed “strategic differences”.

How many BNB coins are there and what is the BNB cryptocurrency primarily used for?

BNB coin: The big picture

Binance’s BNB coin, currently valued at more than $62.57bn, is the world’s foremost exchange token by a huge margin, beating its closest competitor, (CRO), by more than $50bn. 

How many BNB coins are there? The latest circulating supply totalled 165,116,760. As a fully diluted cryptocurrency, BNB’s supply of coins in circulation is equal to the total supply, while a recent 24-hour trading volume of $1.324bn constituted 2.1% of market cap.

BNB’s utility is multifaceted. Holders benefit from large fee discounts on trading fees, both on the main exchange and Binance’s decentralised exchange (DEX). Trace amounts of non-tradable cryptocurrencies below the exchangeable value threshold (called ‘dust’) can also be converted into BNB.

The Binance Launchpool and BNB Vault give holders several staking options, including yield aggregation and token sales. BNB can be collateralised against several stablecoins on Binance’s lending platform, with the potential to earn APY (annual percentage yield) rewards. always recommends exercising caution when investing and trading cryptocurrency assets. 

The Binance burn

Binance executes coin burns every quarter, a key part of BNB’s tokenomics, intended to promote deflation and help sustain BNB’s market value. In the most recent burn on 17 January, Binance removed 1,684,387 BNB from circulation for an estimated value of $800.42m.

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Oddly enough, a price reading shows a subsequent drop in the value of BNB from $475.2 on 17 January to $358.3 by 22 January. But although the benefits of burn tokenomics are debatable, the extremely bearish crypto market should also be considered against BNB’s price (and altcoins in general).

If you are wondering how many Binance coins are there burned so far, suggests a figure of just under 34.43 million. 

Pie chart of Binance’s BNB burn total –
50% of all BNB are set to be burned over time – Credit:

The burn programme is set to close once 100 million BNB are burned, meaning that the total of BNB circulation will eventually reduce by half.

What is the competition?

Although BNB is the largest exchange token by market cap, it is by no means the only one. As well as CRO, FTX’s FTT token, Unus Sed Leo’s LEO token, and tokens from Huobi, KuCoin and OKB all have valuations greater than $1bn. The India-based exchange WazirX’s WRX token has a valuation slightly below $259m. As well as traditional assets, offers major trading pairs of bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) and others.

Not all exchanges are created equal. Crypto exchanges continue to be at the centre of the regulation debate. While major exchanges including, FTX and adhere to guidelines, principles and KYC requirements that help to filter out illegitimate digital asset listings, others are less stringent with their due diligence.

The Singapore-based KuCoin, for example, forgoes KYC requirements for trades of up to five BTC daily. With 604 tradable digital assets, KuCoin has one of the largest selections of cryptocurrencies of any exchange, suggesting one of the lowest bars of entry onto the exchange. Trading digital assets on exchanges comes with risk, so it is advisable to consider which platform you trust with your capital.

Will Binance IPO?

In September 2021, Binance founder Changpeng Zhao suggested that Binance could follow in Coinbase’s footsteps with an initial public offering (IPO). Zhao said: “If the business can grow consistently over the next three years, then three years should be sufficient for an IPO.”

The announcement contradicts a previous statement by Zhao, when he told CoinDesk: “We’re not really short on funds. We’re surviving OK and we’re growing very healthily and organically so we don’t have any plans for an IPO.” 


Is there a limited supply of Binance coin?

There is a limited supply of 165,116,760. This number will eventually drop to 100 million as per Binance’s burn schedule.

How many Binance coins are left?

There are currently just over 165 million left. This number will reduce to 100 million over time, owing to Binance’s burn schedule.

Binancecoin to US Dollar
Daily change
Low: 319.94
High: 332.1

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