How many Gala coins are there?

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Gala coin holders can earn a variety of rewards by playing games and owning NFTs

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The gala coin, launched in 2019, has, thus far, only released one game called “Town Star” – Photo: Shutterstock


For investors looking to gain a greater understanding of how the Gala platform works, an important question might be: how many gala coins are there?

Gala, ranked fourth top play-to-earn crypto game, with a market cap of $2.56bn, works in a slightly different way to other major cryptos like bitcoin.

Gala runs on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain network, meaning technically GALA is a token, not a coin. This is because it is not built on its own blockchain.

Like bitcoin, gala has a maximum supply.

How many Gala coins exist? 

The supply of GALA coins is capped at 35.24 billion GALA coins. There is currently a circulating supply of 6.98 billion.

After working out how many coins are currently out in the world changing hands, a logical next question is: how many gala coins are there left?

There are approximately 28 billion coins left to be mined.

Like bitcoin, there is a deflationary model in place when it comes to the GALA coin. Every year, on 21 July, a GALA halving takes place. This means daily distribution rewards halves every year.

Currently, the daily distribution of GALA coins is 17,123,286. By 21 July 2022, total daily distribution will be 8,561,643.

Is there a limited supply of gala coins?

The maximum supply of gala coins is 35.24 billion. In other words, there will never be more than 35.24 billion Gala coins in circulation in the world. 

How many gala coins are left?

There are around 28 million gala coins left to be validated. 

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