How many Sandbox coins are there?

A popular digital real estate token, we uncover the dirt on the SAND cryptocurrency

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SAND staking is now possible on the Polygon network. Photo: Shutterstock


As the native cryptocurrency of one of the most well-recognised names in virtual real estate and play-to-earn gaming in the world, the Sandbox’s SAND token is a multibillion-dollar digital asset with an impressive trading volume. A recent 24-hour trading high of $1.02bn was equivalent to 22% of the $4.5bn market cap.

So how many SAND coins are there? The latest reading, according to Coin Market Cap, is 1,063,319,452 SAND in circulation, which amounts to slightly over 35.44% of the maximum supply of three billion. SAND is currently trading at $4.25.

SAND distribution

In total, there are 110,878 unique addresses holding SAND. The 10 largest accounts collectively hold 86.09% of the total supply. Of these top addresses, three are centralised exchange (CEX) liquidity pools and five are multisig addresses (i.e. these funds are inaccessible to any individual developer). Approximately 6.4% of supply held by the top holders is in private accounts. According to the white paper, 57% of all SAND is reserved for the company, founders, team and advisers.

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Top SAND holders primarily consist of centralised exchanges and multisig addresses – Photo:

SAND was first released to the public through a Binance-based initial exchange offering (IEO) in August 2020, in which 12% of supply was made available. The IEO raised $3m. Prior to that, a private sale of 17.18% of total supply was conducted with a 12-month vesting period.

Binance is the main CEX providing SAND liquidity. Trading pairs include USDT, BUSD, BTC and TRY. Other CEXs listing SAND include KuCoin, Huobi Global, Bithumb and

Staking on Polygon

After a January airdrop on the Polygon network, staking is now available on the blockchain. At the time of writing, 48,317,338 are staked to Polygon, valued at $206.31m. With the introduction of this gasless staking system, Ethereum staking was set to be discontinued by the end of February.

The white paper states that 50% of all transaction fees (which is 5% of transaction volume) goes to stakers. The other 50% is sent to the Foundation pot.

The Sandbox: Future visions

Diversification seems to be the forward strategy for the Sandbox, according to the roadmap. Planned projects include console compatibility, a co-building mode and continuing NFT drops and land sales.

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Premium NFTs are on the way to The Sandbox – Photo:

Enhanced utility of the SAND token could be the shot in the arm the coin needs to return to its November 2021 high of $8.48. Despite a fairly strong uptrend starting on 22 January, SAND entered another bearish position from 8 February, where a 2022 high of $4.82 was observed.


Is there a limited supply of SAND coins?

Yes, the maximum supply of SAND is capped at three billion. 

How many SAND coins are left?

The answer to “how many Sandbox coins are there” will not dramatically change. The Sandbox does not do token burns. Official documentation states: “We are putting the $SAND that is consumed by users back into the ecosystem via the Foundation to support content production through grants to creators and the staking pool.”

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