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By Elena Bozhkova

Company profile

CEO: Arvind Krishna

Based in: Armonk, NY

Founded: June 16, 1911

Best known for: information technology company

Traded on: New York Stock Exchange

Ticker: IBM

Headquartered in Armonk, New York, International Business Machines Corp (IBM) has been a steady technology business since 1911. An international information technology and consulting corporation, IBM offers many different services. The massive company is mostly known for its manufacturing and selling of computer software and hardware worldwide, as well as information technology services that include the analysis of data for clients. The company is also known for its consistent technological research.

0'>IBM company services tend to be broken up into the following: technology services (with cloud assistance), global financing, cognitive solutions, and global business services.

Because of its long and incredibly reliable company history, IBM is considered to be the world’s biggest technology company. Its platforms and services are used by the average citizen, as well as high-ranking businesses in the airline, banking and retail industries.

International Business Machines Corp
Daily change
Low: 122.46
High: 124.73

The most important IBM company history dates, prior to the 1960s

  • 1928: IBM produces the punch card for the United States, which begins a partnership that lasts for more than 50 years. Through the punch card, IBM helped enable the United States government to understand information about their citizens, as well as pave the way for accurate census completions.
  • 1936: IBM helps create social security through the US Social Security Act of 1935. By 1936, when this act began to be established, the company helped account for 26 million American citizens’ employment records.
  • 1937: The IBM Type 805 International Test Scoring Machine was created, which made the fill in the bubble scantron test popular around the world (and which would stay popular for many decades to come).
  • 1953: Dr John H Gibbon Jr uses an IBM heart-lung machine in order to complete the world's first successful open-heart surgery.
  • 1956: IBM developed the first commercial Hard Disk Drive
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