Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Amazonia NFTs to help local tribes

By Raffaele Redi

The NFT series incorporates art, music, video and cultural artefacts from Brazilian tribes

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The digital platform SuperWorld celebrated Indigenous Peoples’ Day on 11 October by releasing Amazonia, an art exhibition and non-fungible-token (NFT) gallery hosted in augmented reality (AR) to help preserve and share the culture of Amazon tribes.

The Sete de Setembro Indigenous Land NFT was the first of the series, which incorporates art, music, video and cultural artefacts from members of the Surui Paiter and Cinta Larga tribes of western Brazil. The NFT was minted and dropped for ETH1, or around $3,400.

According to SuperWorld, proceeds from the NFT drop, released in partnership with Monograma, an organisation that operates in the world of crypto art and decentralised finance, will raise funds for and turn the spotlight towards the valuable cultural and artistic legacy of the local tribes, while offering a lens through which the rest of the world can appreciate and support their creativity and struggle.

“We’ve worked hand-in-hand with the tribes for months to build awareness,” said world-renowned artist Patrick Amadon, who helped coordinate and curate the exhibit. “We hope that these NFTs will continue to exist as symbols of defiance and preserved history, while people from around the world can visit and immerse themselves in the culture of these great tribes via AR.”

Positive social impact

According to the Amazonia partners, the launch could be a pioneering example of how NFTs can create a positive social impact.

“The Amazonia exhibit serves as a groundbreaking use-case scenario of how augmented reality and NFTs can create a positive social impact. As both a vehicle to promote art from different regions and cultures, and as a bridge to connect the physical with the digital worlds, Amazonia will raise awareness of the tribal communities, and help efforts to improve conditions in the region,” said Hervé Delhumeau, founder and CEO of Monograma.

Several platforms and organisations are trying to mint and drop green or eco-friendly NFTs, funding charities involved in environmental issues. The next to be launched are the Endangered Animals NFTs.

The Endangered Animals series of 12 NFTs will feature endangered species from around the world, and will make its debut on the market on 20 October. The first to drop aims to encourage awareness of the plight of the dusky gopher frog, which is currently listed under the US Endangered Species Act.

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