Jasmy coin price prediction 2030: Are returns likely in long run?

The Internet of Things platform is spearheaded by big names, but forward projections are a mixed bag

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What is JasmyCoin?

JasmyCoin (JASMY) is the cryptocurrency project launched in late-2021 by Jasmy, a Japan-based internet-of-things (IoT) company founded by previous executives at Sony Corporation. Jasmy’s business revolves around connecting data service providers with data utilisers.

The JASMY cryptocurrency, still in the development stage, is the gateway for Jasmy’s services, whereby the possession of JASMY is a prerequisite for data utilisers to access Jasmy’s personal data stores. JASMY is also used to pay the users who supply their personal data to the platform in order for it to be sold.

Regarding JasmyCoin’s tokenomics, the maximum supply of 50 billion JASMY tokens is divided between an ecosystem fund (48%), investors (27%), and an incentives programme (5%) with the remaining 20% going to contributors and the community

Pie chart showing JASMY token distribution – Source: jasmy.io
Investors have 27% of the JASMY pie – Source: jasmy.io

The JASMY coin supply is divided between a 48% ecosystem fund, 27% to investors, 20% to contributors and the community, and 5% to an incentives programme. Jasmy’s white paper states that the emissions rate of JasmyCoin is tied to the rate of uptake of the Jasmy platform, although more specific details are not provided.

Is there a JASMY coin price prediction for 2030? Let us take a look

Price action and trading volume

JasmyCoin, valued on March 15 at at $0.01726,  has a circulating figure of 7.75 billion and a market capitalisation of $56.7m. Trading volume consistently outstrips market cap: A recent 24-hour volume of $130.7m was more than double in volume. Transactions on Etherscan show large-scale transactions in and out of JASMY’s main centralised exchanges (CEXs), being Binance, KuCoin, Bitfinex, Coinbase and Gate.io.

JASMY has not fared well since first deployment in December 2021 (though the same could be said for the altcoin market as a whole). Although the token sustained its deployment value of $0.0877 for the rest of the year, January saw a consistent fall in value from $0.0862 on the 1st to $0.046 by the end of the month, shaving off nearly 50% of its value.

The downward slide continued throughout February, as the coin fell a further 70% in value to close the month at $0.014. As of 15 March, JASMY continued to trade well below the trend line.

From the forecasters

The JasmyCoin price prediction for 2030 at Digitalcoin currently stands at $0.0544, representing a lacklustre 4.5 times gains for today’s buyers over an eight-year period. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the forecaster’s technical indicators (24 out of 25) point to a sell strategy, against five for buying and seven for staying neutral.

Gauge showing bearish sentiment for Jasmy – Source: digitalcoinprice.com
Sentiment remains in the red at Digitalcoin’s Jasmy forecast – Source: digitalcoinprice.com

PricePrediction is extremely bullish in comparison, offering a price target of $0.50. This figure suggests the possibility of 42-times returns against the latest trading price. The $0.10 price point is expected to be breached at some point in 2026.

While no additional targets for the JasmyCoin price prediction for 2030 are currently available, CoinCodex’s outlook is also bearish whereas Gov Capital predicts a price point of $0.28 in 2027, making for potential 23-times returns.

Although these price predictions can be useful as a guide, readers should be aware that they are created through an automated procedure using prior price data. Certain fundamental factors should also be taken into account, including the long-term viability of the project. Investors should also get independent financial advice before making any serious investment.


JASMY can certainly rise in value, although this is not guaranteed. The token could just as easily suffer further losses, given its poor performance in Q1 2022. You should do some additional research on the project if you are considering an investment.

That is a decision for you to make following an extensive due diligence exercise into the project. Currency.com recommends reading all available information, as well seeking out further independent financial advice before putting any money down.

Further reading

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