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Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO profile

Positon: Amazon CEO

Industry: Internet

Citizenship: USA

Date of Birth: 01.12.1964

It all started with books. Jeff Bezos, a successful young exec, left his well-paid job to launch an online book store in 1994. Twenty-five years later, he’s the richest person in the world, owns an enormous business empire and even a space company.


1990 – Shortly after graduating from Princeton University, Bezos became the youngest senior vice president at the investment firm DE Shaw. There he met his wife MacKenzie Tuttle, whom he married in 1993 and divorced in 2019.

1994 – Bezos quit his job at DE Shaw to open an online bookstore, 0'>Amazon. The company’s first office was located in a rented garage in Seattle with few employees. However, sales almost immediately skyrocketed to $20,000 a week.

1997 – Amazon went public. At that time, the company had 256 employees. Prior to the IPO, the company’s quarterly revenue had been growing exponentially, reaching $16m in Q1, 1997.

2005 – Bezos and his team started developing Amazon Prime, one of the first paid subscription services that offered a wide range of privileges to its customers. Its video, music, reading and other services now have more than 100 million subscribers worldwide.

2007 – The company released its pocket book Kindle, an e-reader that has seen more than 10 iterations since its launch. Kindle Store contains more than six million e-books.

2017 – Bezos surpassed Microsoft’s Bill Gates as the richest person in the world for the first time.

2018 – He finally took hold of this position in 2018.

2019 – In July 2019, Bezos was the richest man in the world with a net worth more than $115.5bn despite his divorce from MacKenzie Tuttle, who will eventually receive 4 per cent of Amazon.

Interesting facts

  • Bezos himself thinks that the most important job he’s doing is running a space company called Blue Origin, that has recently presented its moon lander. Recently, he sold $1.9bn of Amazon shares to fund Blue Origin.

  • The Amazon CEO owns Washington Post, one of the oldest newspapers in the US, which he acquired in 2013 for $250m.

  • Bezos admits he still reads almost all customer complaints he receives via his mail [email protected] Although he doesn’t answer them any more, he forwards the messages to his execs with the only comment:“?”

Despite the fact that he owns a huge empire, one of the most important rules for Bezos is to sleep 8 hours each day in order to have a better mood and be able to make quality decisions.

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