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Крипто немесе фиат арқылы әлемдегі ең танымал акцияларды, индекстерді, тауарларды және валюталарды саудалаңыз
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Бірінші және ең жақсы. Currency.com

Жылдамдығы, икемділігі және инвесторлар іздейтін активтер ауқымы бар жалғыз толық реттелетін криптовалюта алмасу платформасы. Криптовалюталардағы инвестицияларыңызды төңкеріңіз - алтын, Apple немесе S&P 500-ді Bitcoin немесе Ethereum арқылы саудалаңыз.

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I find it excellent for the review But it needs more coins for leverage and exchange. If it does have all the crypto currencies I couldn't find them in the interface maybe you can make it a little bit easier to find the preferences and settings for better user experience. With my best wishesmore


Great app but could be more crypto coin…

Enrique Silhy

Its Amazing! I Love The Support, The Speed Of Transactions & Fees Are Usually Low If Not Note (Depends) I Love It!


This is very good app for trading. Because every kind of currencies or stocks are shown in real time which is perfect for online trading. App works everytime in very good quality and Some applications work very slowly but this application is working great whenever it's opened And all the real time visible. I like it.more


I really like the Platform and the support team is quickly responsive, but i think that the platform sometimes doesn't load up the older chart till after few refreshes or maybe it's my connection :) but everything is all good so far :)more


Easy account opening process,demo version is helpful to the new account holders...


Accurate and reliable app. I recommend.


Excellent. Highly recommended. Excellent user experience. Easy to use with many features and a large choice for trading with leverage.more


Good support while registering. Prompt replies to correspondence. Thanks.

Michael Kaastrup

Great platform, easy to use and very intuitive. Only drawback , its a bit expencive to trade, quite high fees, but i guess its because of the high leverage. All in all great place for people who wants to grow a small account. Iam happy more


Excellent choice, safe, easy to use, loss insurance, totally 0 bugs on android app, even that I'm a begginer user i could learn in a few time about the operation ways, they support system has also fast answer.more


I am amazed that the process to activate my account was speedy and very user-friendly.


Reassuring broker and very attentive to his clients Hello, The technical analysis software is intuitive, and above all a very responsive customer service 24/7. Simply excellent !!!more


The limit for trade is too high because people can’t start with little money especially the beginners that are trying to start nowmore


optimize performance, add Stop Lose and Take Profit to Trade Mode, minimize spread, make clear report per share/criptamore


The Android app and web version are great and easy to use. Identity confirmation is fast and not so rigorous, as well. For me the biggest only issue is fees, there are many of them. Actually, this is why I continue to look for analogous platform for investing.more

Shaun Gooch

If you have been paper trading on TradingView and are ready to start then Currency.com is the closest you will get! The customer service is outstanding and I’m still very great full for their patience. Remember to calculate the fees on paper trading before jumping in deep.more


Great trading platform. I think if you will include logic about opening and closing different countries stock markets. Like USA Stock exchange or Tokyo stock exchange it will be helpfull.more

Excellent 4.3 • 1,183 reviews