Kryll price prediction: Sentiment remains neutral to bearish in 2022

KRL token enjoyed strong rallies in 2022, but overall forecaster outlook is mixed

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What is Kryll?

Kryll is an automated crypto-trading platform that allows you to run your own trading strategies using a drag-and-drop interface. Traders can design their own trading strategy using a range of trading signals and technical indicators, or peruse a marketplace of user-generated trading strategies tailored to specific strategies.

For instance, Manhattan V6 is specifically designed around short-term, medium profitability with a medium-risk profile and expected per-year results of 60.28%. This, of course, is based on past performance and is not guaranteed. 

So how might this affect a Kryll price prediction? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out. 

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First let’s explore what is Kryll and its trading costs. Trading strategies come with a monthly publisher fee determined by the strategy creator. Another 1% of your position goes to the Kryll development team. Kryll cites more than 280 verified strategies to choose from and over 100,000 active users. A token swap and trading terminal is also baked into the Kryll user interface.

The ERC20 KRL token is a critical component of the Kryll ecosystem. To use Kryll’s swap, trade and marketplace platforms, users must purchase KRL from a liquidity provider. Publisher and developer fees are then tapped from users’ KRL holdings.

KRL coin holders benefit from reduced platform fees ranging from 15% for holding more than 5,000 KRL, to 95% for holding more than 200,000 KRL.

Kryll token: By the numbers

As of 28 June 13:45 BST (UTC +1), KRL was changing hands for $0.76. The 24-hour trading volume of $39.22m was 130% over the $29.41m market capitalisation. Circulating supply was 38,386,598 out of a maximum supply of 49,417,348.

KRL first dropped in May 2018 following an initial coin offering (ICO) at $0.20 a piece. The ICO sold more than 17 million tokens to over 4,600 participants, netting 3,850 ETH (approximately $2.18m at the close of the ICO on 20 April), according to a press announcement.

In addition, KRL is available on a range of major centralised exchanges, including Coinbase, KuCoin,, Liquid and

Kryll token: Price action

After a sustained downtrend in the opening months of 2022, Kryll’s fortunes reversed on 22 March when KRL rose 165% from its opening price of $0.69 to a high that day of $1.85. On that same day, trading volumes shot up 552%. Large internal transfers were logged by centralised exchange KuCoin.

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Large internal exchange transfers can distort trading volume figures – Source:

A reversal followed this large intraday rise, resulting in a 74.5% drop by when 12 May rolled around and it closed at $0.4732. KRL continued to downtrend until 26 June when another bullish reversal began.

At the time of writing on 28 June, KRL continued to trend upwards, having gained 115% from the 26 June price of $0.355. Volumes were up 8,800% day on day. Significant activity was clocked by a KRL whale and 10th largest KRL account holding 2.63% of supply.

Kryll price prediction

Forecaster PricePrediction offers a Kryll token price for 2022 of $0.63, followed by its Kryll price prediction for 2025 of $1.91 and a 2030 price of $12.34. While PricePrediction expects a short-term downturn, long-term holders could potentially net gains of 1,523%.

The KRL coin price prediction for 2022 is bearish from TechNewsLeader, as it suggests a 13% drop to $0.68. Things improve in the long term, with a 2025 target of $2.04 and its Kryll price prediction for 2030 of $13.70. These targets would net respective gains of 158% and 1,634% for today’s buyers.

Meanwhile, DigitalCoinPrice predicts a Kryll price prediction for 2022 of $0.82, $1.23 for 2025, and $2.89 for 2030.

Over 12 months, the Kryll token price could rise by a modest 11%, according to WalletInvestor, to a forecast of $0.88. In five years, it estimates a price increase of 274% to $2.96.

Although any Kryll price prediction given above could be useful as a guide, they do not constitute genuine financial advice. recommends extensive due diligence into a project’s underlying fundamentals before opening a position. Remember, never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.


Kryll is an automated crypto-trading platform that allows you to purchase user-generated trading strategies or run your own using a drag-and-drop interface. Platform fees are paid with the KRL token.

Online forecasters are bearish to neutral on KRL’s short-term prospects, although gains are expected for long-term holders. However, it is important that you make sure to do your own research into the project’s underlying fundamentals before investing.

There are currently 38,386,598 KRL in circulation out of a maximum supply of 49,417,348.

Sentiment among the online forecasters is bearish to neutral for KRL token’s short-term prospects, though the outlook improves from 2025 onwards. However, please note that online forecasters use automated systems and should not be used as the sole reason for a financial investment. You should make your own decision about whether you think the price will rise or fall

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