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Larry Page

Co-founder of Google

Position: Co-founder of Google

Industry: Internet

Citizenship: USA

Date of Birth: 03.26.1973

Page, the son of two computer pioneers, had a bond with the tech industry from the start of his life. His historic meeting with Sergey Brin at Stanford University led to the creation of one of the most powerful web empires in the world, Google.

Path to success with Google

1995 – Page meets his longtime companion Sergey Brin at Stanford University. While working together on a student research project, the two create their first search engine, Google. The algorithm is simple, yet catchy: it lists the most popular search results first.

1998 – Page and Brin co-found Google, a search engine based on their previous accomplishments. It is worth noting that the word Google is derived from the term “googol”, which means a 1 followed by 100 zeros.

2001 – Page leaves his role as CEO of Google and becomes the president of products, a post he holds until 2011.

2004 – Google launches its much anticipated IPO, which values the company at $23bn. Both Page and Brin become billionaires.

2006 – 0'>Google acquires the most popular online video service, YouTube, for $1.65bn.

2011 – Page gets back to his role as CEO in order to reorganise the work structure within the company.

2015 – Google announces major restructuring. The new parent company Alphabet, with Page as its CEO and Brin as president, becomes responsible for all its services.

2019 – Per Forbes' annual list of billionaires, Page is the 10th richest person in the world with a net worth of $50.8bn.

Interesting facts

  • Both of Page’s parents were computer pioneers. While his father, Carl Page, was a computer scientist and artificial intelligence (AI) enthusiast, his mother Gloria Page was a teacher of computer programming. Both of them worked for the University of Michigan.

  • Page could have sold Google for $1m soon after it was launched. Luckily, Yahoo!, Alta Vista and other companies refused to buy it.

  • PageRank, the search algorithm for Google, was named after Page.

  • Page invested more than $100m to create two flying car companies, Kitty Hawk and Zee.Aero. In 2018, New Zealand gave Kitty Hawk permission to certify its air taxis and start massive trials.

  • Page is among a number of entrepreneurs who are paid $1 yearly for being CEO. His companion Brin has the same wage.
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