LCX Token price prediction: Sentiment remains mixed on LCX

While long-term gains could happen, not all forecasters are positive

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What is LCX Token (LCX)?

LCX token is the ERC-20 cryptocurrency of the Liechtenstein-registered LCX trading platform. LCX can be used to pay all fees associated with LCX’s services. These include exchange fees, custodial fees, decentralised exchange fees and token sales. The LCX Token grants holders certain benefits, including up to a 50% reduction in trading fees, and access to advanced features on the LCX Terminal platform.

LCX was incorporated in 2018 before launching its exchange in 2020. In 2019, chief executive officer Monty C. M. Metzger announced LCX’s membership at the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution of the World Economic Forum.

In January 2022, hackers stole nearly $8m in funds after an LCX hot wallet was compromised. In a 7 June update on the situation, LCX mentioned that 60% of stolen funds were successfully frozen following a Liechtenstein court order.

In the following guide, we break down the key features of this platform before assessing the LCX price prediction for 2022 and beyond. What is LCX Token and should you invest today in the LCX coin? Keep reading to find out.

Components of the LCX ecosystem

In addition to the regulated LCX Exchange, LCX comprises a host of tools and platforms for cryptocurrency traders.

  • LCX Terminal: This multi-exchange cryptocurrency trending platform allows users to link up to 16 exchanges on a single interface. LCX Terminal is compatible with a range of top-tier exchanges.
Screenshot of exchanges available on LCX Terminal
LCX Terminal aggregate of top-tier and second-tier exchanges – Source:
  • LCX Token Sale Manager: This is a fully compliant token-issuance solution supporting smart contract development, investor on-boarding, know-your-customer (KYC) integrations and further regulatory assistance.
Screenshot of various tools available on LCX Token Sale Manager
Legal tools available on the LCX Token Sale Manager – Source:
  • LCX Mobile: The mobile application that lets you buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies on your smartphone.
  • STO Launchpad: A technology platform for issuing tokenised securities. Tokenised securities allow for the transferral of rights and ownership of physical assets over the blockchain.
  • LCX Smart Order: This provides a routing system for cryptocurrency trading in real time. The algorithms are designed to find the optimal price for digital assets by seeking out the best bid and ask prices on the centralised exchanges. LCX Smart Order also allows for arbitrage trading opportunities.

LCX offers other features, including pricing oracles, the offline, cold storage LCX Vault, and even a decentralised exchange.

LCX Token: Key details

The LCX token generation event (TGE) occurred in March 2019, when one billion tokens were deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Following a token burn, the maximum supply was reduced by 50 million.

The company retains 10.5% ownership of the LCX coin supply, vested until June 2023. All other tokens are in public hands. Additional details of the initial supply allocation have not been disclosed by LCX. 

As of 3 August 2022, LCX was trading at $0.0603 with a circulating volume of 762,916,119.33. A 24-hour trading volume of $281,411 amounted to 0.61% of the $46m market capitalisation. LCX is primarily traded on the Coinbase and Liquid centralised exchanges, as well as the Uniswap decentralised exchange.

LCX downtrended throughout the first and second quarters of 2022. Having opened the year at $0.175, it fell to what was a daily high of $0.167 on 25 March and continued down to a daily low of $0.049 on 12 May.

The token largely traded sideways until 9 June, when LCX saw a 37% upshot in a single day. The latest trading value of $0.0603 is about 90% below the token’s all-time high. Now, let's take a look at the LCX Token crypto price prediction. 

LCX Token price prediction

Going by the TechNewsLeader LCX Token price prediction, the cryptocurrency could rise in value over the course of the year. LCX could be trading at $0.083 by the end of 2022 before a reversal. The forecaster’s LCX price prediction for 2025 is $0.24, before heading up to $1.44 in 2030. offers a neutral to bullish LCX Token price prediction for 2022 of $0.069. The forecaster does expect a reversal in the long term. The LCX Token coin price prediction target for 2025 is $0.19 while the LCX price prediction for 2030 is $1.24.

At DigitalCoinPrice the 2022 LCX price prediction target is $0.0785 and the 2025 target for $0.12. The token could reach $0.28 in 2030, according to the forecaster’s coverage.

The WalletInvestor LCX Token price prediction is more bearish, suggesting the token could go down to $0.03 in 12 months’ time.

Please note that the price forecasts provided in this article are speculative and should not be taken as genuine financial advice. recommends conducting your own research into LCX, or any other project you are considering making an investment into.


There are currently 762,916,119.33 LCX  in circulation against a total supply of 950 million.

Some LCX Token price predictions expect some volatility, although long-term projections are more positive. Additional research should be undertaken before opening a position. 

Some LCX Token price prediction targets are bearish, while others expect generous returns in the long run. These targets should not be taken as genuine financial advice. Always do your own research before investing.

You should make your own conclusions following a deep analysis of the project and only after receiving independent financial advice. If you do make an investment, make sure to never part with more money than you can afford to lose.

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