Business opportunities for you

Exchange crypto via cashless payments

An ideal solution for both small mining companies and major mining pools, as well as for companies that accept crypto as a means of payment for goods and services.

Innovative investments

Invest your extra cash in tokenised assets, bonds, commodities, fiat and ETFs.

Foreign exchange hedging

Reduce or mitigate risks related to foreign fiat and make deals with people from other countries. Make use of up to 500x leverage.

More than 1,700 digital financial assets

Get access to global financial market assets in tokenised form without intermediaries or restrictions.

Major cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Our advantages

Legality operates in Belarus, where the regulatory framework was drafted specifically for the crypto sector. We offer a full package of accounting documents proving the legality of the tokenised exchange.

Regulation is an official member of Belarus High Technologies Park. The platform is regularly audited by the Big Four accounting firms.

Financial security complies with the latest AML and CFT requirements. The deals between the clients and any transactions on the platform are not disrupted, however, and happen fast and without delays.

International policies

We adhere to the highest security standards, protecting our customers, and strictly follow the global AML and KYC procedures. This is an area of our business on which we place great focus.

Cybersecurity is a technically advanced platform protected from various types of cyber attacks. Your personal data and funds will be safe.


All our employees possess expertise in both finance and crypto.

Corporate accounts and professional trading on

Priority registration

Each corporate client is assisted by one of our specialists throughout the registration process.

Rapid verification

Corporate clients and professional traders can verify their accounts in just one day, while still meeting the AML, CTF and KYC requirements.

Excellent customer service

Corporate clients and professional traders are first in line for’s support. Our specialists will always prioritise your requests.

Trade anywhere at any time

Access all our services and features through our iOS and Android apps. You can check your investments while on the move.

Additional benefits

Personal account

A expert is always on hand to provide advice on any type of issue. From technical aspects of the crypto platform to withdrawing funds, we’re here to help.

Increased limits for wire transfers and cryptocurrencies

Corporate users can enjoy increased transaction limits on non-cash transactions involving fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Stable income higher than with a bank deposit carefully reviews companies that apply to create or list tokens on the platform. These companies always undergo a comprehensive check. The minimum threshold for the investment is only $100. It allows investors to easily diversify assets between several projects and makes it possible to receive stable income.

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Upload the required documents. The process is easy to understand and does not take much time.
Deposit money
Fund your account using your settlement account. Funds normally arrive within one business day.

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