NFT artist Ragzy tells women in crypto the 'time is now'

By Raffaele Redi

Female artists in the NFT art space account for less than 16%

LEGO and NFT artist Jessica Ewud aka Ragzy                                 
Ragzy' works feature in galleries alongside artists such as Salvador Dali, Damien Hirst, and Jeff Koons - Photo: Ragzy

Jessica Ewud aka Ragzy has been creating LEGO artworks for over seven years.

Her 'Lego Lincoln' was on display in Rockefeller Center of New York City and featured galleries alongside world-famous artists including Salvador Dali, Ron English, Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons.

Her bio tells the story of a girl fascinated with science, math and difficult puzzles, fusing her interests with an art style she calls ‘Pop Science’.

Before building her physical Lego artworks, she designs them digitally.  Ragzy launched her NFT series ‘Byte Candy’ in 2021, the year in which the Collins Dictionary named ‘NFT’ as the word of the year.

She was also a guest juror for a museum exhibit hosted by MinaLima, the graphic designer of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films.

Women's sales figures represent just 5% of the overall art NFT sales, according to ArtTactic study.

Diversity in art has always been an issue, but Ragzy feels NFT art or ‘the Renaissance’ could change this.

“Throughout history, art has always been dominated by men. I want to say to all women the time to change this is now,” she said exclusively to

“I feel the NFT environment must ponder on representing women more. I appreciated some of the popular male artists like Beeple and Aoki who agreed with me, but for a girl it is tough as an NFT artist.”

“I’ve watched my male counterparts who show in the same galleries as me, with prices similar to mine. They get accepted to superior platforms with open arms, while I am told I have to wait. What’s the excuse, the industry is brand new,” she said.

As one of the first female NFT artists she is keen to encourage young women: “I would say them, trust yourself, your art and the community who will appreciate it. NFTs are a community, and as an artist you are creating value. Trust yourself and people will trust you.”

There are less than 16% female artists operating in the NFT environment and Ragzy is keen to challenge this, bringing more women into the male-dominated artspace.

The right-click savers who download for free

At the time of writing the average cost per transaction is around $40, around a thousand times the costs of minting that could be as low as $.05.

Among Ethereum (ETH) gas fees rising and right-click savers, who just download the images for free, the NFT art environment could appear a bit hard to approach but is not so.

“Creating an NFT is expensive, but I have ways of bringing the price down. Dropping my NFTs, I paid off the costs of the physical bricks as I don’t need them for my digital works. As for the right-click savers, they are an advertisement for us. In any case, I recorded the copyright of my works, and I tend to protect it.”

Her NFT art just saw its dawn but one day…

“I would be honoured to exhibit my works alongside Beeple. I met him, he is a legend, and above all a nice person,” she says.

“Like every artist, I save some pieces just for me. I am the kind of artist who’ll never sell such a piece, even if offered millions of dollars. 

However, her dream is to showcase at a major auction house like Christie's or Sotheby’s.

“What I am doing is unique. Being one of the first artists to use blocks as a media, and being one of the first female NFT artists, I do see a bright future for my work and community.”

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