Pixl Coin price prediction: A Web 3.0 advertising platform

PIXLC is showcasing a curated list of crypto projects, but it is struggling with centralisation issues

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Pixl Coin is attempting to build a transparent platform for cryptocurrency adverts – Photo: Shutterstock


The Web 3.0 platform Pixl Coin is providing users with a curated list of supposedly trustworthy cryptocurrency projects. The Pixl Coin team claims to pick out promising projects, rather than being paid to promote shitcoins.

However, the fact that Pixl’s founder is anonymous, and its centralised process, have led to “major” issues being identified in a CertiK audit.

What is Pixl Coin?

Advertising in the crypto industry is prioritising money over quality, according to Pixl Coin. It claims investors are now tired of watching influencers promote shitcoins, rather than advertising a cryptocurrency that has been fully researched and has potential.

Pixl Coin is looking to solve this lack of transparency and trust in the space. Its Web 3.0 solution is a platform that advertises curated projects.

Its CoinMarketCap page said: “Through PIXL’s community and dedication to the values of transparency, honesty and integrity, this is a space for investors to interact with vetted and trusted projects, and for those projects to demonstrate and advertise their true value.”

The projects featuring on Pixl Coin will be picked by the team to ensure they share the same values of honesty, transparency, and integrity, the page says. Pixl Coin is hoping that this process will ensure its community is being advertised to in a safe and non-manipulative manner.

Pixl Coin notes that the only decentralised part of its system is its implementation of the Binance Smart Chain to host the native token. Other than that, the process is centralised as its team picks out trustworthy projects, otherwise its mission “is impossible to accomplish”.

However, the CertiK audit has pointed to five major centralisation issues, especially with the owner of the smart contract having high level of control over its token.

The PIXLC token

The utility of PIXLC, the platform’s BEP-2 token, is not made clear on the platform’s website or whitepaper. MakeMoney said: “The use case of this coin is in Blockchain advertisement. It seeks to collaborate with and publicize other coins in exchange for more investments, collective exposure, and more.”

There is a 6% fee for buying PIXL and an 8% fee for selling. This is split between rewarding holders, buyback scheme, operations, and the coin’s own marketing budget.

PIXLC’s price history

The PIXL Coin launched in April 2021, but then migrated to a new contract and ticker in July that year. It tweeted: “Our new token is better, more sustainable, more efficient and more secure!”

However, it took until 27 October for CoinMarketCap to list PIXLC, the same day it opened at $0.003. The token saw its first spike the following month, during a bull rush in the wider crypto market.

PIXLC raced to $0.008 on 6 November. While there is no clear reason behind this surge, the Crypto Gems Twitter account promoted PIXLC to its 330,000 followers earlier that month.

Pixl Coin then revealed details about its upcoming app on 14 December. The mobile app would feature games, crypto news and investment trackers. The same day it rose to its all-time high of $0.0137.

The token saw another slight peak the following month after it ran a competition. Those trading more than $100 worth of PIXLC would be entered into a random giveaway of 250,000 PIXLC. However, Pixl Coin was only able to jump back up to the $0.002 mark.

Since then, PIXLC has experienced a gradual decline in 2022, falling below the $0.001 barrier in May. At the time of writing, on 15 July, it is trading at $0.0006 and has a 24 hour trading volume of just $434.

Pixl Coin price predictions

The token’s low market cap and trading volume have led to conflicting PIXLC token price predictions. DigitalCoinPrice anticipates a steady climb for the advertising token. Its Pixl Coin price prediction for 2025 said it will reach $0.001 and hit $0.002 in 2030.

TechNewsLeader’s PIXLC price prediction is more bullish. It suggests the coin will climb to $0.002 in a year and $0.005 in five years’ time. Its Pixl Coin price prediction for 2030 gives a maximum price of $0.033.

On the other hand, WalletInvestor describes the token as a “bad” investment. Its Pixl Coin price prediction for 2022 said it will drop to $0.00006 in a year. By 2027, it suggests, the token will have plummeted to $0.000007.


What is Pixl Coin?

Pixl Coin is creating a self-described “transparent and trustworthy platform for coins to advertise on”. Yet its native token has been falling in recent months, so investors should ensure they conduct thorough research before purchasing PIXLC.

How and where to buy Pixl Coin?

Currently, PIXLC is only available on PancakeSwap. Investors should be wary that anyone is able to create a BEP-20 token and list it on PancakeSwap.

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