Radioshack price prediction: What is RadioShack (RADIO)?

Is RADIO plugged in, or ready to fall?

Can RadioShack bring crypto to 68-year-old business chiefs? - Credit:


Radioshack might seem like an odd name for a cryptocurrency, but that is because it has a peculiar history, at least when compared to most cryptos. RadioShack was originally an electronics retailer, founded in the United States in 1921. Taken over by the Tandy corporation in the early 1960s, it became a fixture in towns and cities across the US and even branched out into different countries albeit in many cases under the Tandy Electronics name.

However, the company was, ultimately, unable to keep up with the times as online retailers started to dominate the market and filed for bankruptcy in 2015. In 2021, though, there was a resurrection, as it was announced that Radioshack had been reborn as a cryptocurrency platform.

So, what is radioshack (RADIO)? Let’s see if we can answer that, and find out a bit about radioshack price predictions, too. 

Radioshack explained

The radioshack cryptocurrency platform was announced in 2021 and came out in April 2022. The idea is that it helps fund a platform which uses something called multi-tier starfish topology, or mtst for short. This, according to the whitepaper, sees cryptocurrencies linked with RADIO, the RadioShack system's native token, on a de facto decentralised exchange which helps to ensure that liquidity pools are deeper.

The whitepaper says: “The RADIO token node serves as the central, large-degree node in the Starfish Topology. This is the first and the most important utility of the RADIO token.” In other words, swaps on the system involve one crypto being swapped for RADIO, which is then swapped for another crypto. 

The platform, called RadioShack Swap, claimed to have a trading volume of nearly $40m by 25 May 2022, less than a month after the crypto launched. 

RADIO operates on the Polygon blockchain which means, technically speaking, that it is a token rather than a coin. That said, you will still hear references to the radioshack coin. It means the same thing. 

The reason why brand owner Retail Ecommerce Ventures chose the RadioShack name is that, it argues, RadioShack is an established brand. The whitepaper says: “It is our hypothesis that the best way for crypto to be more mainstream is for an established brand name in the tech space to lead the way.

“Remember, there is a real generational gap between the average crypto buyer (in some countries like India, it’s as low as age 24) and the average corporate, decision making, global CEO, whose average age is 68. This demographic difference creates a substantial psychological barrier to crypto adoption. The older generation simply doesn’t trust the new-fangled ideas of the Bitcoin youth.

“The need for a bridge between the CEOs who control the world’s corporations and the new world of cryptocurrencies will most likely come in the form of a well-known, century-old brand. RadioShack is perfect.”

RADIO price history

Let’s take a look at the radioshack price history, such as it is. Keep in mind that past results are no indicator of future performance. Knowing what the token has done in the short time that it has been on the open market is important is because it can give us some very important context if we either want to interpret a radioshack price prediction, or else make our own.

RADIO started openly trading in late April and, at the start of trading on 28 April, it was worth $0.03955. This figure still serves as an all-time high. This could be interpreted as being somewhat worrying but, on the other hand, seeing as how the market has dropped as a whole over the last month at time of writing (27 May 2022), there is the potential for things to return or exceed that level if and when the market recovers.

By the start of May, the token was worth $0.355 and, despite a notable drop of more than 11% to $0.03155, it ended the day at $0.03544, barely down from where it had been at the start. In truth, this time period was characterised by a gradual and gentle descent, with a brief rally on 4 and 5 May which culminated in a periodic high of $0.03765 on the second day, an interruption from the downward momentum. On 9 May, an intraday high of $0.033 was followed by further slippage as the market entered a state of crisis following the depegging of the TerraUSD stablecoin and the collapse of the LUNA cryptocurrency. 

Radioshack price history
Radioshack price history - Credit:

One slight anomaly here. The market crisis of May 2022 reached its nadir for many, but by no means all, cryptocurrencies on 12 May. However, RADIO was a little bit different. The intraday lows either side of 12 May – $0.02959 on 11 May and $0.02994 on 13 May – were a little lower than the $0.03012 it scored that day. In fact, the token’s overall movement from an opening of $0.03101 to a close of $0.03027 represented a fall of just over 2%, outperforming the market on a day when it fell by nearly 4%. 

Ultimately, though, this was just a false hope, and what happened next would have seen investors who thought they were to a good thing, or at least a resilient one, shaking like a dog. The token continued to drop and the coin was destined, with a couple of brief rallies on 15 and 21 May an exception, it stayed below $0.031. While it mainly hovered around the $0.03 mark, dips below this level happened as often as not and, on 26 May, it sank to its lowest level yet of $0.02818. There was some recovery to $0.0283 at the end of the day and, on 27 May, it was worth around $0.0282. At that time, there were a self-reported 324.52 million RADIO in circulation. If that figure holds true, it would mean that radioshack had a market cap of around $9.1m. This would put it somewhere just outside the top 800 largest cryptos, according to CoinMarketCap

Radioshack price prediction

With that done, let’s take a look at the RadioShack price prediction. Keep in mind that price forecasts, especially for something as potentially volatile as a fairly new cryptocurrency, are very often wrong. Also, it is worth noting that longer-term crypto forecasts are often made using an algorithm, so they can change at any time. has a RadioShack price prediction for 2022 that says it can get to a little over $0.04 by the end of the year before it reaches just over $0.06 12 months from then. In December 2024, the site has a RADIO price prediction of $0.076, while it is forecasting that the token will hit just over $0.0764 by the end of 2025. In December 2026, it has a RadioShack coin price prediction which sees it reach $0.0838. says that RADIO will hit $0.039 in 2022 and $0.057 in 2023. In 2024 it should reach $0.085, PricePrediction says, while the site’s RadioShack price prediction for 2025 sees it trade at an average of $0.12. In 2026 the site thinks the token should get to $0.16, before reaching $0.22 the following year and $0.43 the year after that. The token should close the decade at $0.48 before, according to the RadioShack price prediction for 2030, reaching $0.69. In 2031, the price of RADIO should be around $1.01, it says.

WalletInvestor is a bit cautious when it comes to making a RadioShack crypto price prediction, saying it will drop to $0.00423 in May 2023. 

Finally, Gov Capital is perhaps gloomier in its RADIO price prediction, saying the coin will fall down to below a cent in July 2022, before, on 12 August the coin then collapses to be not even worth recording, in effect becoming a dead coin. 

Final points

Caution is advised. RadioShack aims to bring crypto to the masses. This is a very laudable aim but there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies that want to do the same thing. How, exactly, using the name and branding of a company whose name may mean very little, if not absolutely nothing, to people under a certain age or outside the United States, is going to succeed where others have, if not failed, then not entirely succeeded either, is something that the people behind the token have not adequately explained.

Second, the token is new. We do not know if its current position, gradually moving downwards as it hovers around the $0.03 mark, is where it is going to remain or whether it will drop further or, for whatever reason, shoot up. Also, the idea that “mainstream brands” will use a new system when there is the option of using established blockchains and protocols, not to mention the possibility of creating their own, might sound like unfounded optimism.

Finally, if the token does want to appeal to the average 68-year-old CEO, then quite how it will help to use the name of a company that went bankrupt because, ultimately, it could not keep up with the times, and whether said 68-year-old CEO has the understanding or inclination to learn about multi-tier starfish topology is another matter entirely.

As ever with cryptocurrency, you will need to do your own research and act with due caution.


As of 27 May 2022, there were a self-reported 324.52 million RADIO in circulation. 

It is hard to say one way or another. Keep in mind that the token has only been in circulation for less than a month and since then it has moved downwards. You will have to do your own research before deciding whether or not to invest in RADIO.

It might do but whether it will or not is another matter entirely. If it does, then we don’t know when it will go up, how far it will go up, nor how fast it will go up. You should also note that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, so the price could just as easily go down.

This is a question that you will, ultimately, have to answer for yourself. Before you do so, you will need to do your own research, remember prices can go down as well as up, and never invest more money than you can afford to lose. 

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