Royal Dutch Shell share price history

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Track the changes in the Royal Dutch Shell share price history to identify possible trading signals

Royal Dutch Shell share price in the past

Royal Dutch Shell share price history illustrates that the stock has moved sideways for the last decade, fluctuating within a broad price range. It is obvious from the Royal Dutch Shell stock price history that the range-bound movement was interrupted with the start of the coronavirus pandemic, when the stock experienced a price breakout below its support levels. The Royal Dutch Shell share price history graph shows that a decade-low price was hit two times during 2020, when the stock plunged to nearly €10 from a pre-pandemic level of €27.

Royal Dutch Shell price history also points toward the possibility for this stock to record price gaps between trading sessions since gaps up and gaps down are a regular occurrence. Besides, Royal Dutch Shell stock price history indicates that it has the potential to fluctuate in excess of 10 per cent during the day. The Royal Dutch Shell stock price history reveals that the value of its share has fluctuated by more than 25 per cent during the first three months of 2021.

RDSa price history

Date Close Change Change(%) Open High Low
Jun 28, 2022 25.220 0.575 2.33% 24.645 25.435 24.645
Jun 27, 2022 24.540 0.465 1.93% 24.075 24.760 24.010
Jun 24, 2022 24.275 0.815 3.47% 23.460 24.310 23.255
Jun 23, 2022 23.615 -0.335 -1.40% 23.950 24.455 23.570
Jun 22, 2022 24.025 -0.465 -1.90% 24.490 24.690 23.790
Jun 21, 2022 24.870 0.320 1.30% 24.550 25.135 24.535
Jun 20, 2022 24.485 0.740 3.12% 23.745 24.700 23.700
Jun 17, 2022 23.630 -1.420 -5.67% 25.050 25.050 23.580
Jun 16, 2022 25.160 -1.070 -4.08% 26.230 26.370 24.985
Jun 15, 2022 26.240 -0.280 -1.06% 26.520 26.550 25.800
Jun 14, 2022 26.615 -0.195 -0.73% 26.810 26.905 26.240
Jun 13, 2022 26.625 0.240 0.91% 26.385 26.850 26.240
Jun 10, 2022 27.300 -0.765 -2.73% 28.065 28.065 27.240
Jun 9, 2022 28.120 -0.295 -1.04% 28.415 28.660 28.110
Jun 8, 2022 28.425 0.050 0.18% 28.375 28.585 28.140
Jun 7, 2022 28.360 0.320 1.14% 28.040 28.375 27.855
Jun 6, 2022 28.065 0.335 1.21% 27.730 28.240 27.655
Jun 3, 2022 27.605 0.160 0.58% 27.445 27.670 27.210
Jun 2, 2022 27.450 -0.140 -0.51% 27.590 27.600 27.140
Jun 1, 2022 27.590 -0.210 -0.76% 27.800 27.995 27.590

The importance of historical prices?

Royal Dutch Shell share price history is a significant factor that should be considered for trading strategies based on technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis. Royal Dutch shell historical share price provides insight into the way in which this stock reacts to different news and events. Also, historical prices show how changes in economic activities affect the Royal Dutch Shell price.

A stock’s directional movements over a certain period can be detected using its fluctuations in the past, which enables easier detection of factors leading to trendy or range-bound movements. Royal Dutch Shell price history might be used extensively to identify potential patterns that could support the price forecasting process.

What factors affect the Royal Dutch Shell share price?

Royal Dutch Shell share price history points toward the potential influence coming from company-specific, industry-related and economic factors. A strong financial performance and positive revenue forecast will have a positive effect on the overall share price. Improvements in the operational efficiency and increase in the production capacity increase the share price, as was evident in the past.

Being part of the oil sector (exploration and production) means that demand and supply for its products will have a major impact on the share price of companies in this sector. The outbreak of the pandemic clearly shows that the decrease in demand negatively affects the share price of Royal Dutch Shell and other companies operating in the oil sector. The primary reason for such a significant impact is that a decrease in demand ultimately worsens the company’s financial performance.

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