RUNE coin price prediction: Is THORChain a good investment?

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THORChain’s new mainnet spells a promising future, but what is the RUNE price prediction?

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The RUNE is the native token of the THORChain decentralised exchange network. It is part of a system that got its own mainnet in April last year, after spending more than two years operating as a separate blockchain on the Cosmos network.

Dubbed the ‘multichain chaosnet’, the transition to the new mainnet has been hotly anticipated. With fewer bugs and better network security, the protocol hopes to improve the minting process for the native RUNE by initiating an IOU RUNE token ‘killswitch’.

The killswitch went live on 18 July and prevents the issuance of RUNE based on the Ethereum blockchain or the BNB Chain. Instead, RUNE will be issued on the protocol’s native blockchain. 

There has been a lot of talk about THORChain, so let’s take a look at the RUNE coin price prediction. But first, let's take a look at the ecosystem surrounding the digital currency to provide a little context.

From the THORChain whitepaper

The whitepaper describes a network that has “the desired characteristics and is able to solve the problems of security, liquidity and more. The technology to build such a network has only recently been made available, yet they are based on well-known fundamentals.”

The document goes on to say: “The network is secured with very few assumptions, the most important being that a super-majority of network participants never collude.”

Let’s take a look at RUNE’s price history. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, seeing how the coin has behaved in the past can help when making a THORChain crypto price prediction. 

Rune coin price history: Foundation and growth

RUNE started trading on the open market long before the THORChain mainnet was up and running. The coin itself was launched in 2019 and on 25 June 2019 it was trading at $0.01577.

The coin then spent the next year or so hovering around this mark but, as the launch of THORChain approached, things started to heat up and it switched to trading at around $0.06 in July 2020.

There was slow and steady growth and RUNE broke through the $1 barrier for the first time on 28 December 2020 before closing the year at $1.17. What happened next may well have made any previous THORChain coin price prediction look out of date.

Anticipation built up in January, with the coin breaking through $2 on 16 January 2021 before rising above $3 on 28 January. The price growth had not stopped, though, and it hit a monthly high intraday of $4.03 on 31 January before falling back down to close the month at $3.62, which represented a monthly rise of more than 200%.

February saw RUNE caught up in the bullish market surrounding cryptocurrency in early 2021. Not only did the coin break the $5 mark intraday on 20 February 2021 to reach a monthly high of $5.66, but it ended the month at $5.18, up 43% from the end of January.

In March 2021, the coin continued to grow, rising above $6 on 3 March, topping $7 on 30 March and reaching a monthly high of $8.03 the next day before closing both the day and month at $7.94, up 53% month-on-month. A positive RUNE coin price prediction would no doubt have followed. 

Mainnet goes live: 2021

April 2021 was the month when the THORChain mainnet went live, and this pushed the price up even further. The coin went past the $10 barrier on 4 April, and on 19 April 2021 it reached a monthly high of $16.93.

There was some pushback with peaks and troughs, and the coin enjoyed a closing price of $15.40. This was a monthly rise of about 93.95%, reflecting the upbeat nature of many a THORChain coin price prediction at the time. 

Things looked as if they were getting even better throughout May. The price went up and threatened the $20 mark, which finally fell on 16 May. It did not stop there, though, as an all-time high was reached on 19 May 2021, hitting an intraday figure of $21.26.

While things looked very upbeat, hopes were soon to be dashed. The great crypto day crash of that date hit the RUNE coin and the RUNE coin price prediction pretty hard. The coin fell to an intraday low of $10.25, more than halving in the span of hours, before recovering slightly to close at $11.68.

The rest of the month saw it in the doldrums, closing up at $12.66, down more than 17% over the course of the month. 

RUNE price history: A new paradigm

RUNE price history
RUNE price history – Credit:

There was little to cheer about in June 2021. While the events of 19 May were bad, what happened in the aftermath was worse. The coin fell below $10 for the first time since the mainnet was launched, and it closed the month at $6.76, a fall of 46% from the end of May.

July 2021 represented stagnation followed by some, but not enough, recovery. There was a monthly low of $3.04 on 20 July 2021 and the month’s closing price of $6.34 was still a 6% drop from the end of June.

August was the month when the cryptocurrency market started to recover from what had happened in the middle of May. Gains were made and, in what was a psychologically crucial moment for the coin’s price, it returned to above $10 on 21 August 2021.

Peaks and troughs

There were peaks and troughs to follow, and RUNE dropped below $10 in time to close the month at $9.88, up more than 55% from the end of July.

September 2021 saw growth, with the price rising above $10 on the first day of the month and hovering around that figure before suffering a pullback towards the end of the month, when the closing figure of $6.96 represented a fall of nearly 30%.

October, on the other hand, was more positive in its outlook. The $10 mark went on 22 October 2021, while a monthly high of $14.99 on 30 October was followed by a monthly close of $14.80. This meant that the price went up more than 100% over the month.

November 2021 started well, with the month’s second day seeing a monthly high of $17.26. However, there was some fallback. On the one hand, the coin spending the whole of November above $10 was good news for investors, but the fact remains that it closed the month down nearly 25% at $11.30.

RUNE appeared to be stuck in a bearish trend and on 2 November 2021, it was trading at about $10.55. The bearish trend lasted well into the New Year, falling to lows of $3.82 on 31 January 2022. February brought little respite in the long-running bear market, and the coin hit its lowest value in over a year, falling to $3.02 on 24 February 2022. 

In March, however, things started to look more positive. On 10 March 2022, the coin price surged in value after announcing that THORChain’s Chaosnet supports swaps between several major cryptocurrencies using the RUNE token. 

More positive price movement came in the following weeks, and on 31 March 2022, the token met a new four-month high of $13.15. 

A potential catalyst behind RUNE’s rally was a report by Delphi Digital highlighting the growth of the THORChain network over the past few months. According to the report, the trading volume reached $162m in March, while the total value locked (TVL) in decentralised finance projects on THORChain reached $549m.

However, then was then a steep correction, and by 18 June 2022, the token was trading at $1.45, a new 17-month low. During this period, known as a ‘crypto winter’, Bitcoin fell below the $20,000 mark for the first time since December 2020, and the total value of the crypto market dipped below $1trn.

Mainnet: 2022

On 23 June 2022, the developers at THORChain announced the following on Twitter:

In addition to this, THORChain already supports seven major ecosystems including Bitcoin and Ether, and will be adding support for Cosmos (ATOM) and Avalache (AVAX): 

Following these announcements, the token began rallying, trading at highs of $2.32. The token’s 24-hour trading volume surged by over 110%. 

In mid-July, the BEP-2 and ERC-20 RUNE killswitch was activated at block 6500000, and therefore upgrades were no longer 1:1. The announcement continued: “Exchange rates will linearly tick down to 1:0 over the next 12 months. If you hold RUNE in a self-custody wallet, ensure your wallet address begins with ‘thor1’.”

As of 26 July, the token is currently trading at $2.34 and is the 55th-largest crypto by market cap, according to data provided by CoinMarketCap.

RUNE coin price forecast

With that done, let’s look at the RUNE coin price prediction. Keep in mind that crypto forecasts, especially longer-term ones, are often wrong. Furthermore, the predictions are often created by an algorithm which can change at any time, and do not take into account all market conditions. 

First, WalletInvestor’s RUNE coin price prediction for 2022 sees it sink to about $0.61 by the end of the year, suggesting “RUNE is a bad long-term (one-year) investment”.

Meanwhile, has a THORChain price prediction which suggests it should have an average price of $3.81 in 2022, $5.49 in 2023, $7.89 in 2024 and $12.04 in 2025. In five years’ time, the average price should be $26.16. The site’s RUNE coin price prediction for 2030 is an average of $84.24.

Finally, CryptoNewsZ says that RUNE could touch the $6.29 mark in 2022. The site suggests that in one year’s time, the coin should be worth around $7.11. The site has a RUNE coin price prediction for 2025 which states: “THORChain is predicted to surpass $7.63 by all means. With mass adoption, the THORChain price is estimated to reach around $9.88 max by 2025 on the chart.”


Possibly. While it has had its ups and downs lately, it is worth noting that its current price is less than it was worth a year ago. 

You will need to do your own research, remember prices can go down as well as up, and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

It could. It is worth noting that its price is considerably less than it was 12 months ago. It is up almost 27,300% from the all-time low over two years ago, but down almost 90% from its all-time high.

Regardless, you must do your own research, remembering that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and prices can go down as well as up. Never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

Only you can answer this question. You should do your own research and come to your own conclusions. 

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