Sergey Brin

Co-founder of Google


Position: Co-founder of Google

Industry: Internet

Citizenship: USA

Date of Birth: 08.21.1973

Sergey Brin may never have founded one of the most successful companies in the world if it wasn’t for his father, who decided to escape from the Soviet Union in the late 1970s. A tech visionary and skilled businessman, Brin has has kept surprising the world with his ideas for more than two decades.

From Soviet boy to American billionaire

1979 – Brin’s father, a Soviet mathematician economist, decides to emigrate from the Soviet Union to the United States with his family in the wake of Jewish persecution.

1995 – Brin, who is studying computer science at Stanford University, meets his future business partner Larry Page. During one of their research projects, the two create their first search engine that lists the most popular search results first.

1998 – Brin and Page found Google, a search engine based on the prototype they previously created. The word “googol” is a term which literally means a 1 followed by 100 zeros.

2001 – Brin becomes the president of technology in the company.

2004 – Google goes public in its long-awaited IPO, which values the company at $23bn and makes Brin and Page billionaires.

2006 – Google purchases the most popular online video service, YouTube, for $1.65bn.

2011 – Page becomes Google’s CEO again.

2015 – 0'>Google announces major restructuring and creates a parent company for all of its services, Alphabet. Brin and Page step down, while one of the key execs of Google, Sundar Pichai, becomes the company’s new CEO.

2019 – Brin was the world’s 14th richest person, according to Forbes’ annual list of billionaires. His net worth was around $49.8bn.

Interesting facts

  • Initial investment in Google was around $1m. Brin and Page managed to raise the amount thanks to their family, friends and random investors, including Stanford professor David Cheriton, who donated $100,000.

  • Google’s iconic feature, Doodle, was created as an “Out of office” notice while Brin and Page attended the Burning Man festival. They placed a small figure behind the first “O” in Google’s logo, which notified the users of their absence in case of troubles with the servers.

  • Brin’s father dreamed of becoming an astronomer when he was young. Meanwhile, in 2008, his son invested $4.5m in a space tourism company called Space Adventures.

  • Brin believed in the success of Google Glasses, his brainchild that eventually failed. In 2013, he was even spotted wearing them on the NYC subway.

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