Shping coin price prediction: Bullish forecasts for money saving tool

Shping gives customers and brands a chance to take advantage of their budgets

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Shping claims it can save a households up to $3,000 every year – Photo: Shutterstock


The shopping experience has been transformed in recent years. Instead of adding products to a physical trolley, we drag them into a digital basket. Shping is a cryptocurrency tool looking to bring blockchain technology into brick-and-mortar shops.

Customers can use Shping to save money on their shops and earn coins by interacting with brands. This has not stopped the native token from being victim to the recent crypto crash. But not all forecasters are ruling out a new all-time high in their Shping coin price predictions.

What is Shping?

As the name might suggest, Shping is a platform dedicated to buying products. It is a tool that allows customers and brands to make the most out of the budget available to them.

Its main feature is a price comparison that gives users a chance to scan products when shopping and see if there are any cheaper alternatives. The mobile app claims it can save a single household up to $3,000 every year.

The mobile app has other features designed to make the shopping experience easier for consumers. Users can upload their loyalty cards onto a digital wallet, meaning they no longer have to carry different cards but can still reap the rewards. Customers can also leave reviews of products and view information about desired items.

In the long run, this is sold by Shping to benefit brands. Businesses can gain more knowledge and data on their consumers. For example, there is a dashboard that supplies demographic and review data. Brands can also run campaigns on the Shping platform to increase awareness and keep their items up to date.

Located in Melbourne, Gennady Volchek is the founder and CEO of the Australian-based shopping app. He has previously founded his own telecommunications company under the name MYTELECOM.

SHPING token

While Shping is still collecting data on consumers, it gives some of the power back to the users with its own cryptocurrency. Users are motivated to engage in the app with the potential of gaining the SHPING coin.

There are a number of ways that investors can earn the token, which are listed in its whitepaper. Users can write reviews, connect with brands, watch videos and scan their receipts. The tokens can then be cashed out into fiat currencies.

A large part of Shping is to create a large database of products to make shopping cheaper and easier. By incentivising users to upload data, it is streamlining that process.

Its website wrote: “By making Shping a regular part of your shopping routine, you’ll quickly advance to higher reward levels which have better perks and the ability to earn more Shping Coins.”

Shping’s past performance

The Shping platform and cryptocurrency launched in 2018 with an opening price of $0.0005 on 10 October that year, according to CoinMarketCap. Despite a few peaks and troughs, SHPING did not see much action in its first few years and it even dropped slightly below its launch price.

However, Shping saw its first major spike at the beginning of 2021. Two brands were listed on the platform at the end of April, which were GAIA Natural Baby and Bondi Sands. By the 12 May, the shopping token had peaked at $0.00377

Its next breakout started at the end of that year when it defied the wider bearish market. After falling back to $0.001, it started climbing in late November and early December, eventually reaching a daily peak of $0.006 on 31 December.  

This trend continued into 2022 and was fuelled by SHPING being listed on Coinbase. The token hit the market on 20 January with USDT, USD and EUR pairings. The same day it rocketed to its all-time high of $0.098.

It saw a second spike the following week after hosting an ask me anything (AMA), which discussed its roadmap and the future of the platform. But this time, it could only climb to $0.059.

Despite listing on the Poloniex exchange in February, SHPING started crashing and the long-term bearish trend has stuck with the cryptocurrency. It stooped to $0.01 that month. While it did manage to claw back to $0.02 in March, it eventually fell even further.

As of 23 June, the SHPING token price had plummeted to $0.006 and was down 17% for the seven days prior to 23 June. However, it is currently gearing up to launch the second version of its app.

Shping coin price prediction

Most forecasters are hopeful over Shping’s potential, however, not all are convinced it can surpass January’s new price record. The Shping token price prediction from WalletInvestor describes it as an “awesome” long-term investment, with it thought to reach $0.02 in a year and $0.09 in 2027.

The DigitalCoinPrice forecast suggests Shping price prediction for 2022 will average out at $0.008 and climb to $0.01 in 2025. By 2030, Shping is anticipated to hit $0.03.

PricePrediction is much more ambitious with its outlook. Its analysis expects Shping to reach a maximum price of $0.010 this year, while its Shping price prediction for 2025 will hit an average of $0.03 and rising to $0.19 in 2030 and on to $0.28 in the next decade.

TechNewsLeader offers a similar Shping price prediction. Optimistically, it thinks the shopping token will be worth up to $0.014 this year and $0.044 in 2025. The forecaster predicts a Shping price prediction for 2030 of $0.27.


Shping is a mobile app and cryptocurrency designed to make shopping easier and cheaper. Users can scan products and see if there are cheaper alternatives. By interacting with the app, consumers can earn Shping coins.

There are mixed forecasts from the Shping price predictions. DigitalCoinPrice thinks it can only hit $0.03, while TechNewsLeader expects it to come close to $0.30.

Shping has proved to be volatile, so you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

There is a circulating supply of 1.7 billion SHPING and a maximum supply of 10 billion tokens.

It depends. SHPING is helping customers and brands manage their budgets better. However, the token is stuck in a bearish trend and forecasters are divided on whether a new iteration of the app can resurrect the cryptocurrency. Remember, you should always carry out thorough due diligence before investing your money.

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