Time Magazine inaugurates TIMEPieces NFTs

By Raffaele Redi

The first NFTs by a media organisation will be priced at ETH0.1 or around $311

TIMEpiece featuring an image of builders constructing a rainbow                                 
Rainbow Builders by Tim O’Brien – Photo: Time.com

On 22 September, Time Magazine launched TIMEPieces – its first-ever collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – with the goal of creating a new NFT community. 

The collection will feature original works by more than 40 artists inspired by the prompt ‘building a better future’. It will include a variety of editions created from the unique artworks – a total of 4,676 NFTs.

Time said its NFT pieces will be revealed once all of them are minted. Each TIMEPiece will be priced at ETH0.1 (or around $311) to attract a wide array of collectors.

“Owners of TIMEPieces will receive unlimited access to TIME.com through TIME’s 100th Anniversary, exclusive invites to some of our physical events and access to a variety of exclusive digital experiences,” Time said in its press release.

Time also announced that: “In addition, this collection will be turned into a hardcover book available this holiday season, and will also be on display at Dreamverse, the World’s First NFT Art and Music Festival, in NYC on November 4th.”

Artists and artworks

Time worked with 40 artists from nearly every continent to create completely original NFTs for this collection. The artists include a mix of experienced NFT artists and traditional artists, half of whom have never created an NFT before, according to Time.

“The artists for the genesis collection of TIMEPieces come from a group organised by Time creative director DW Pine. The groups chosen to participate in TIMEPieces live on nearly every continent and use a wide variety of approaches to their work, ranging from photography to illustrations to paintings and more,” said Time’s president, Keith A Grossman, in a note to staff.

“Nearly a quarter of them have produced covers for Time in the past. Half have never produced an NFT. Some of the pieces are still and some are animated. All are completely original to Time, and each piece in the collection is themed around the idea of ‘Building a Better Future’,” Grossman added.

Featured artists include: Addie Wagenknecht, Allison Dayka, Baeige Brobel Design, Cath Simard · Charly Palmer, Destiny Kirumira, Diana Sinclair, Drue Kataoka, Dylan Urquidi, Edel Rodriguez, Emonee LaRussa, FVCKRENDER, Houda Bakkali, Isabel Samaras & Marcos Sorensen, J.N. Silva, John Knopf, John Mavroudis, Julie Pacino, Justin Aversano & Nicole Buffett, Kendall Chambers, Kenji Chai, Lethabo Huma, Marc Burckhardt, Micah Johnson, Olive Allen, Oscar Mar, Parin Heidari, Red Hong Yi, Sarah Kanu, Shana Wilson, Steve Warner, Tim O’Brien, Tyler Gordan, Victor Mosquera, Viktoria Modesta & Katie McIntyre & Nina Hawkins and Yvette Hammond.

‘Rainbow Builders’

‘The Heart of the World’ by Parin Heidari
‘The Heart of the World’ by Parin Heidari – Photo: Time.com

The artists signed each artwork with a brief letter or a message of hope for a ‘better future’.

“This work represents the hard, dirty, work of building a better, brighter future. It takes time, coordination, but the beautiful results make the effort worth the struggle,” said Tim O’Brien, whose paintings have appeared numerous times on the cover of Time. O’Brien has painted more Time covers than anyone else over the past 30 years.

“As someone who was born in the Middle East and experienced many ups and downs in my life because of the constant geopolitical instability of Iran, dreaming of building a better future and having the same rights as everyone else in the first-world countries is something I have been passionate about achieving my whole life,” said artist Parin Heidari when introducing the Heart of the World artwork.

“I would like to see a world in which it doesn’t matter where you were born or what colour your skin is, where all languages, cultures and ethnicities are valued the same, and peace is found across borders. So far, this is what I have found in the community that is revolutionising digital art,” Heidari added.

“What I have experienced in the NFT space feels borderless. I have met people of all backgrounds. The NFT world has allowed us to break down barriers and build communities,” she said.

As soon as Heidari’s moving NFT artwork was released, it was sold out within 10 seconds, tweeted the excited artist. 

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