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Stroyinvestleasing LLC is a multi-profile leasing company founded in 2002 and operating in the financial services market of the Republic of Belarus on the basis of the Certificate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on inclusion in the register of leasing organisations No. 29 dated 03.11.2014, identification code 10029.
The company’s main business areas include the following:
financial and operating leasing of various objects (machinery, transport, equipment, real estate, etc.);
leasing of movable and immovable property, including the right of redemption;
purchase and sale of complex technical goods, including those with deferred payments.
Stroyinvestleasing LLC carries out the activity, both on internal, and on external (import, export) markets. For 17 years of work the company has implemented more than 750 business projects. More than 500 leasing partners received over 1900 leasing objects.
The main purpose of attracting investments by placing Tokens is to finance current leasing activities of the company.
The main source of return of funds to token owners at the end of the period of their circulation are leasing payments under lease agreements received from lessees.
According to the Stroyinvestleasing LLC whitepaper dd. 31.12.2019 “On creation and placement of digital signs (tokens) "SIL_25.1/EUR" , a distinctive feature of Stroyinvestleasing LLC tokens is their collateral with property and property rights (claims).
The created tokens are based on Ethereum blockchain (ERC 20 standard).
About SIL_25.1/EUR token
Mandatory disclosures
About Companies’ tokens
Currency token
Nominal value per token
Interest rate
5.5% per year
Payment frequency
Date of the first interest payment
Date of next interest payment
Start date of initial offering
Token circulation period
15.01.2020 – 14.01.2025
Token exercise period (Token repayment):
01.01.2025 - 14.01.2025
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