AVA price prediction: Will Travala land with investors?

After a meteoric price surge in early 2021, Travala has forgotten how to fly

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Despite breaking the $5 mark in spring 2021, Travala has fallen to near-2020 lows. So what is the latest AVA price prediction? – Photo: Shutterstock


Covid-19 has waged war on the tourism industry. From Airbnb to easyJet, some of the largest, seemingly most robust players in the sector have felt the wrath of the virus. Indeed, with travel off the cards for many for more than two years, it is perhaps not surprising that the industry has suffered.

It should then perhaps come as no surprise that Travala, a relative newbie, and comparable small fry, has not performed particularly well. Be it due to a lack of confidence on the side of investors or a lack of demand, or due to the virus, the website has struggled to dominate and disrupt the market so far.

What does the future hold? What is the Travala price prediction for the future? Before we do a forecast, let’s take a look at brief overview

Overview of Travala

Travala.com was founded by Steve Hipwell, Matt Luczynski and Juan Otero. The platform is headquartered in Australia. Juan Otero is  the CEO after taking over from Luczynski in the summer of 2021.

Otero, possesses a wealth of experience in founding and leading start-ups. Before launching Travala, Otero founded restaurantes.com, an online restaurant reservation service in Europe.

Hipwell has more than a decade of experience working in travel companies, having worked as marketing director for Viland Travel and Oasis Bay Cruises.

Luczynski has a degree in international business studies from Leeds Business School in the UK. Since co-founding Travala, Luczynski has founded another company, called HoDooi.com, an NFT marketplace.

Features of Travala

Based on information from the Travala website, the platform offers more than two million properties covering more than 90,000 destinations in 230 countries and territories. The ecosystem claims it is 40% cheaper than mainstream travel booking platforms.

According to the company’s website, the mission of the Travala cryptocurrency is to “bring to the travel industry as a whole transparent pricing, innovation, authentic truth, enhanced security and efficient stakeholder interaction”.

The company, backed by Binance, has partnered with major companies in the travel industry, including Booking.com, Expedia and Agoda.

But how does this information affect the AVA price prediction for 2022? Or even the AVA price prediction for 2030?

Before we look at what the experts think, let’s examine past performance of the coin.

AVA coin past performance

Shortly after its launch, the AVA price dropped from $0.3235 on 2 June 2018 to $0.0611 on 23 August 2018. The coin made somewhat of a comeback, hitting $0.1944 on 24 December 2018. However, it dropped again early the following year to $0.1094 on 3 April 2019. The price began to rise again, reaching $0.172 on 2 June 2019. The remainder of 2019, the AVA coin remained below $0.2 mark. In 2020, a second climb began, and the coin hit $0.2168 on 3 March 2020. This was folowed by a tumble to lows of $0.0675 on 15 March 2020.

The Travala cryptocurrency began to surge in May 2020, going from $0.3829 on 21 May 2020 and passing the $1 mark by 24 July. The price hit $2.05 on 10 August before dropping again to $0.4115 on 28 October 2020. In 2021, the Travala coin experienced a meteoric surge, breaking the $3 mark in early March and passing the $6 mark in April 2021. Despite experiencing resistance towards the end of April, the price continued to remain above $4 until early September 2021. Since then, the AVA price has continued to fall: it dropped from $2.65 on 27 October to $1.69 on 6 December, and was hovering around $1.57 on 11 January 2022.

In the past year, the coin has gained just below 60%. However, in the past 14 days it has lost more than a quarter of its value.

With a current market cap of $79.66m, Travala is currently ranked number 503 by Coin Gecko.

But how do these figures affect an AVA price prediction? Let’s look at what the experts think.

Travala price prediction: Expert opinion

It is important when looking at predictions to remember that while they can be helpful as an indicator of which direction the price may move, they should be viewed as possibilities rather than absolutes. This is especially the case when looking at long-term forecasts, as these can sometimes be completely off the mark. This is because of the inherent volatility of the crypto market but also the many unknowns that could affect future prices.

With this in mind, let’s look at some AVA coin price predictions.

Wallet Investor, in an optimistic price prediction, thinks AVA could surge to $3.195 in one year’s time and $9.772 in five years’ time.

Gov.capital, with similar optimism, has an AVA price prediction for 2023 of $5.33.

DigitalCoinPrice thinks that while Travala will go up in the future, it will not rise so dramatically. The platform forecasts AVA could be worth $2.60 in 2023 before increasing to $2.91 in 2024. The website’s AVA price prediction for 2025 stands at $3.53.


Many analysts think it may be a good investment. However, it is always worth remembering that the crypto market is highly volatile and the price of all tokens and coins can go down as well as up.

Many analysts are suggesting the coin will go up, with some experts suggesting it could rise to over $9 a coin in five years’ time.  

However, it is worth remembering that forecasts, especially long-term ones, are better viewed as indicators rather than absolutes.

Investing is a highly personal endeavour. Do your own research and try to keep up to date with any developments within the Travala ecosystem that could boost its prospects.

Remember, investing can be risky, and it is important never to invest more money than you can afford to lose.

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