About Currency.com Founder

Viktor Prokopenya is a serial technology entrepreneur and the founder of London-based global investment firm VP Capital. Through VP Capital, he owns 100% of the shares in Currency.com.

Currency.com is an award-winning cutting-edge fintech platform specialised in online trading and focused on the democratisation of finance. The platform connects the various realms of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance through tokenised exchange-traded assets, facilitating complex trading for leading global brands and commodities.

It is fully regulated and secure, fitted with robust risk management controls, transparent pricing, and extensive financial education content. It follows in the path of similar online financial technology firms such as Robinhood. In 2020, the fintech platform reported a 374 per cent growth in its client base, making it one of Europe’s fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges platforms.

The portfolio of Viktor Prokopenya’s VP Capital also includes several technology businesses in the computer vision and AI sphere, as well as a passive investment portfolio of real estate and several other high-tech firms.

Other innovative technology and software businesses established and lead by Viktor include exp(capital), a privately owned market making company that utilises maths and technology skills to take advantage of the opportunities created by the global electronic markets.

Viktor Prokopenya launched Viaden Media in 2001. At first, the business was focused on software development, but in its later expansion it began to develop mobile apps targeted at a range of demographics. Some of Viaden Media’s successful products include All-in Fitness, Smart Alarm Clock and Yoga.com, which were ranked very highly across 40 countries. The company was eventually split into Sport.com and Skywind Group, and was then sold to Playtech PLC.

Viktor Prokopenya is passionate about forward-looking and innovative technologies. Through VP Capital, he works with founders and management teams to develop and build powerful technologies and great products. The firm backs cutting-edge technology companies and is focused on funding and scaling innovative technologies with high growth potential.

A trained lawyer and computer scientist, Viktor is passionate about cutting-edge and innovative technologies. He holds a master’s degree in Finance from Northeastern University, a doctoral degree in business administration from the Swiss Business School, a master’s degree in Internet Marketing, and a bachelor’s and a master’s qualifications in computer science.

Alongside his professional accomplishments, Viktor Prokopenya is also knowledgeable about the latest tech innovations such as the use of autonomous cars, cryptocurrencies, other emerging technologies, and their application in the modern world.

About VP Capital

VP Capital is the principal investment firm of technology entrepreneur and investor Viktor Prokopenya. VP Capital’s portfolio includes Currency.com, Capital.com, Banuba and Facemetrics, focusing on areas from fintech and blockchain to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The areas of technology where VP Capital focuses its active investments – artificial intelligence, augmented reality, computer vision, fintech and blockchain – require a combination of very specific and rare skills as well as a lot of processing power.

Since 2012, VP Capital has backed cutting-edge technology companies working with founders to develop and build powerful technologies and great products.

As an investor, VP Capital is highly active in each business it supports, taking a board position to ensure it maintains a hands-on approach in order to supercharge growth, valuations, scale and sales.

VP Capital is focused on growing its current investments and innovative technology projects, and always open to spotting the next new technology trend and business opportunity.