Volt Inu price prediction: What’s next for the token?

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VOLT is up over 70% from its all-time low in mid-June, so where next for the “hyper-deflationary” token?

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The crypto aims to amass at least 10,000 VOLT holders, according to its roadmap – Photo: Volt Inu


Volt Inu, launched in December 2021, has recently completed its migration from V1 to V2. The decision to migrate the protocol to a new smart contract in order to accelerate growth, speed and efficiency caused the value of native token VOLT to soar to an all-time high in late April. 

The token is listed on a host of exchanges, including Hotbit, Uniswap and PancakeSwap, and has recently announced: “34 CEXs, 10 DEXs, 4 fiat gateways, dozens of partnership & sponsorship, a P2E game, 50K+ holders, a Volted NFT collection... all in less than 8 months ”.

The prospects for the coin certainly look promising, but what is the Volt Inu price predictionBefore we look at any forecasts, let’s do a quick review of the coin. 

What is Volt Inu (VOLT)?

According to its website, Volt Inu is a hyper-deflationary token built on the Ethereum blockchain, aimed at providing value to holders of the token in a variety of different ways.

Pooled funds from the Volt Inu treasury will be invested in a range of asset classes, the website states, including blue-chip NFTs, altcoins, and the staking and farming of stablecoins. By investing in a broad range of assets, the crypto claims, the risks can be mitigated because of the diversity of the portfolio.

Profits which emerge as a result of these treasury investments, the crypto says, will then go towards buying back and burning VOLT coins. But what is burning? And why is it so important for this project?

Crypto burning

Crypto burning, in simple terms, describes a process whereby tokens are permanently removed from circulation. The burnt tokens are transferred to a wallet or burn address and can never be retrieved.

By removing tokens from circulation, the rest of the supply becomes of higher value as there are less around – hence the deflationary effect.

Like a company buying back its shares, burning tokens is a means of returning value to shareholders. Investors or prospective investors often take into consideration when a coin burn is due to take place, as coin burning impacts the price of the coin. Whereas sometimes burning events are random, other crypto platforms burn tokens in a more scheduled manner.

Volt Inu: Roadmap

The coin lays out a roadmap on its website, designed to gain further exposure and widen the coin’s audience.

Volt Inu has an extensive collection of merchandise, an NFT collection, and a new play-to-earn game which has attracted plenty of users to the platform. On 27 March, Volt Inu announced the following on Twitter:

Volt Inu also plans to create a fiat gateway on its website, where crypto holders can buy VOLT directly with their Visa or Mastercard credit cards. According to its website, Volt Inu has been audited by Solidity Finance

Before the migration, the token’s ETH smart contract came with a 13% tax on all transfers. Out of this total tax, 4% went to the liquidity pool. The migration cut this tax in half. Currently, the liquidity pool on Ethereum receives 2% and the other 2% is sent directly to the burn address. This makes VOLT more deflationary, and also helps Volt Inu achieve its long-term goal of becoming a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation).

Certik also published a revised Volt Inu audit on 10 May, and found three major security risks but no critical issues. Despite numerous flash crashes plaguing the crypto market, Volt Inu has been on a marked uptrend since mid-June. 

How does all this information affect a Volt Inu price prediction for 2022? Before we look at any Volt Inu crypto price predictions, let’s look at the past performance of the VOLT coin. 

VOLT price performance

After the coin’s launch in December 2021, the VOLT token remained near zero. The coin then surged in price, and was valued at $0.00000000000000054 on 22 February 2022.

After the successful migration of V1 to V2, the token “lost six zeros”, helping its CEX listings. The token opened on 20 April 2022 at $0.000001048 and performed extremely well, reaching a new all-time high of $0.00000343 on 26 April. However, the coming weeks brought a substantial drop, exacerbated by a market-wide downturn and crash, and VOLT hit a new low of $0.000000659547 on 29 May 2022.

Following market-wide turmoil towards the end of the second quarter of 2022, Volt Inu established a new all-time low of $0.0000004936 on 18 June, but has gained plenty of traction since. As of 16 August 2022, the token is trading at $0.000000734, up 48% from the recorded low. 

The Volt Inu coin has a market cap of about $49m and is ranked number 2,847 according to CoinMarketCapThere is a self-reported circulating supply of 66 trillion coins, and a maximum supply of 69 trillion coins.

VOLT price prediction

It is important to remember that, while analysts’ predictions can be helpful as an indicator of which direction the price may move in, they should be viewed as possibilities rather than absolutes. This is especially true of longer-term forecasts, which can sometimes be completely off the mark due to the inherent volatility of the crypto market and the many unknowns which could shape future prices.

Currently, the VOLT crypto is down by almost 80% from its all-time high, and confidence around Volt Inu V2 price predictions should be taken with a pinch of salt. However, even after the migration, the tiny price tag causes some issues for accurate algorithmic predictions.

CoinArbitrageBot suggests that in 2023, the token should be worth $0.000002099, almost triple the current value. In 2024 the token should be worth $0.00000339, representing an upswing of almost 360%. The site’s Volt Inu price prediction for 2025 is $0.000005495.

CryptoPredictions makes a Volt Inu price prediction 2022, suggesting a value of $0.000001197 towards the end of September. The value of VOLT is projected to be $0.000001814 in one year’s time and $0.000002329 in August 2024. In 2025 (three years time from now), the site forecasts a value of $0.000002652.

A longer-term forecast can be found at PricePrediction, which makes a Volt Inu price prediction for 2030 of $0.00001866. It is one of the more bullish forecasts over the long and medium terms, making a prediction for 2025 of an average of $0.00000277. However, in the nearer future, the site predicts a maximum value of $0.00000084 in September.


How many Volt Inu are there?

There is a maximum supply of 69 trillion VOLT coins, and a current (self-reported) circulating supply of 66,049.14 billion.

Is Volt Inu a good investment?

VOLT is still a very new coin, making it difficult to gauge how successful it will be in the long term. 

It is always worth remembering that the crypto market is highly volatile, and the price of all tokens and coins can go down as well as up. Never invest any money you cannot afford to lose.

Will Volt Inu go up?

Volt Inu could go up, however it could also go down. Analysts have not provided particularly optimistic Volt Inu price predictions. 

Always remember that forecasts – especially longer-term ones – should be viewed as indicators rather than absolutes.  

Should I invest in Volt Inu?

Investing is a highly personal endeavour. Do your own research and try to keep up-to-date on any developments within the Volt Inu ecoystem that could boost or dampen its prospects.

Remember, investing can be risky, and it is important never to invest more money than you can afford to lose.

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