What is Autonio (NIOX)? Your ultimate guide

Autonio is on a mission to automate trading, but what about its native token, NIOX?

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Autonio has a variety of projects in the pipeline, including the NIOX Suite Dashboard – Photo: Shutterstock


What is Autonio (NIOX)?

Launched in 2018, Autonio is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) built around creating accessible and affordable services and tools for the decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystem, using a cryptocurrency called NIOX.

Autonio says its mission is “to enable investors and traders to navigate the crypto markets with profitability, privacy and ease,”and claims to offer easy-to-use and affordable trading tools. 

These tools supposedly make it easier for investors to deploy trading algorithims, conduct trading analysis, exchange cryptocurrencies, sell strategies and pool funds for trading purposes. 

Who founded Autonio? 

Autonio was founded by Ali Raheman. After gaining degrees in medicine and surgery from Xi’an Jiaotong University in China, Raheman, originally from India but now based in Dubai – like the rest of the Autonio team – began getting involved in crypto in 2014, having seen, he says, “the transformative potential of blockchain technology”. Other key members of the Autonio team include Ikram Ansari from Pakistan, head of products, and Loïc Arnould from France, creative director. 

How does Autonio (NIOX) work? 

Autonio has a number of tools already active in its ecoystem. One of the main features is Smartdex, a peer-to-peer decentralised exchange. Currently in beta version, Smartdex is basically a DeFi (decentralised finance) investing app. The exchange includes cross-chain trading options as well as AI-based ‘smartpools’; decentralised cryptocurrency mining pools.  

NIOX Maker is another big part of Autonio, billed as a low-cost market making tool that allows users to make markets with the click of a button. According to Autonio, it “helps drive profits and liquidity by enabling users to take advantage of data points, complex calculations and algorithms gathered from the exchange”.

Autonio says it is currently in the process of developing a range of other features for its platform including an artificial intelligence and machine learning network.

The Autonio ecosystem has partnered up with a number of crypto companies including Crypto.com, Loopring, Elrond and Polygon.

What is Autonio coin used for?

The Autonio cryptocurrency, the NIOX coin, forms the backbone of the ecosystem. With NIOX coins, users can gain access to the trading tool set on a lock-to-use basis.

Users can easily opt in and opt out, Automnio says, and there is “minimal financial investment required”. NIOX also functions as a governance token, enabling DAO member to get involved in making decisions about the project. They can also receive rewards for being part of the community.

Members of the Autonio DAO can use NIOX coin to earn rewards via staking. The current annual percentage yield (APY) is around 18%. However, APY does vary according to how many coins are staked. Autonio says it plans to offer lower-tier staking in the future.

There is a maximum supply of 315 million NIOX coins and a current circulating supply of 88.8 million NIOX coins, or 28.2%. With a current market cap of $5.87m (£4.42m), NIOX is ranked 1,476 by CoinGecko.

Autonio’s cryptocurrency has not performed particularly impressively since its launch. Although it doubled in value  over 2021, the coin performed dismally throughout 2018, 2019 and 2020.

How many Autonio coins are there?

There is a maximum supply of 315 million NIOX coins and a current circulating supply of 88.8 million NIOX coins.

Who created Autonio?

Autonio (NIOX) was created by Ali Raheman.

What makes Autonio unique?

Autonio claims to be unique because its Smartdex exchange is the “first intelligent exchange”. What does this mean? Well, basically the exchange leverages the power of AI and algorithms to, supposedly, create a smarter and more profitable system.

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