WIN coin price prediction – what’s in store for the crypto?

WIN tokens are a cryptocurrency used on the WINk gaming platform

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WIN tokens allow users to place bets and make transactions on WINk – Photo: Shutterstock


What is WIN coin?

WINkLink – WIN – is the token used on the WINk platform. WIN tokens enable users to place bets and make transactions on WINk.

WINk, which was known as TRONBet until July 2019, is a blockchain-based gaming platform.

WINk’s token, WINkLink, was released by the platform’s creators after the rebrand from TRONBet to WINk. The WIN token supports two blockchain standards:

  • TRC20 – TRON blockchain

  • BEP-2 – Binance blockchain

WINk overview
WINk overview – Credit:

How does WIN work? (WINkLink)

WINk’s aim is to become the blockchain industry’s premier gaming platform for users to play, socialise and stake across multiple blockchain systems.

WINk’s predecessor, TRONbet, was the first decentralised application (DApp) launched on the TRON network.

WINk claims it offers the largest library of games on the TRON blockchain, including poker, dice and slots.

The WINk platform also offers tools and resources for developers to create unique gaming DApps.

Who invented WIN?

A Binance Research report lists the development team as consisting of 12 people, three of whom have experience in games and management, while four have previously worked with blockchain technology.

The team is listed as former employees of well-known corporations including Amazon, Alibaba, Ogilvy, Tencent and Gameloft. While their names are given, no other details are supplied.

There has been speculation that this secrecy is because the developers are from China, and do not want to attract the attention of the Chinese authorities to their gambling platform.

Each WINk user mines tokens by playing their favourite applications on the platform. The more time a user spends playing, the more tokens they receive.

There is also a separate feature for token holders called WinDrop, which works in a more complex way.

How does WinDrop work?

Platform participants have an indicator called Win Power. 

Win Power is calculated based on the number of WIN tokens held by a user. The more tokens the user has, the more Win Power they accumulate.

Every day, depending on the amount of Win Power available, the system distributes a certain number of TRON tokens (TRX) between all holders of the WIN cryptocurrency.

The amount of TRX a user receives is proportional to their Win Power.

The price of WIN coin: how does WIN mining work?

The WINk platform provides developers with tools that enable them to create applications (games) and export ready-made projects. 

The platform’s developers then lure users in with the low cost of transactions within the network.

So, while the average transaction fee within the Ethereum network at the time of writing was more than $10, for WIN all you need is a TRON wallet, such as GuildWallet or TronLink, and about eight TRX tokens, or $0.59.

Developers claim they are able to offer this because the platform uses its own bandwidth and power grids to conduct transactions.

At the same time, the tokens earned by users of third-party applications cannot be sold on the secondary market. So, is it possible to make a WIN coin price prediction?

WIN coin price prediction – what does WIN do?

The WIN coin is available as a dual token, either TRC20 or BEP2.

TRC20 is like the TRC token, so it is dependent on TVMs – TRON virtual machines that are used by TRON developers and supported by the TRON network.

BEP2 are the tokens issued on the Binance Chain network. These tokens are used to pay fees and enable any transaction within the network.

WINk’s decentralised gaming platforms are intended to allow users to keep complete custody of their funds, while gambling DApps generate faster and smoother transactions.

WINk claims to offer a low-cost casino operation that results in a lower house edge for the user, as well as more anonymity and provable fairness.

Ken Park, head of WINk, said:

“We truly believe that blockchain technologies can revolutionise the gaming industry and provide excellent user experience.”

WIN price history

Between its launch in 2019 and the spring of 2021, the WIN rate was unremarkable, hovering at around $0.0008.

Then, in early April, the exchange rate rose sharply by 400% and by its 7 April 2021 peak, the price of WIN had risen to $0.002682. This explosive growth was a result of the free cost of transactions, as ETH users of WINk migrated to WIN.

However, the price dipped again and the market capitalisation of the virtual currency, having approached the $1bn mark in April, dropped to $144.6m by mid-June. On 4 October, the price was $0.00046075. 

Is WIN coin a good investment?

Be wary when looking for a WIN coin prediction. Invest carefully and do not part with your cash unless you can afford to lose it.

Cryptocurrencies are risky and highly volatile instruments, and you should do your homework before putting money into any of them.

Mike Delaney, clinical director at Delamere Health, says anyone considering investing in this type of cryptocurrency risks becoming addicted to virtual gambling. He advises:

  • Set limits on time and money. This enables you to control how much time you allow yourself to spend online on crypto-investment websites.

  • Avoid drinking while gambling or managing your money. Delaney says: “We would highly recommend avoiding any form of financial investments when under the influence of alcohol.”

  • Take frequent breaks. “Gambling can absorb individuals and leave you feeling overwhelmed,” Delaney says. He recommends deleting or at least turning off notifications for apps and any tabs you may have open for checking on your crypto investments.

  • Don’t break the bank. When your time is up and your spending limit reached, do not try to amplify your investments in an effort to recoup prior losses or, in better-recognised terms, chase your losses. Delaney adds: “Sometimes you will gain money and sometimes you will lose money, but it’s important to avoid excessively investing more in the hope of making back lost money.”


For those wanting to make a WIN coin price prediction for 2021, it’s been tricky. In February of this year, the WINk website had outage issues.

During that time, users did not have access to their accounts and, accordingly, could not place bets. Users also complained they were unable to contact WINk website support.

As with many cryptocurrencies, WIN is a volatile, speculative token and probably more likely to collapse than reach $1. Be careful with any WIN token price prediction.

You can buy WINkLink:

  • In the secondary market (exchanges and other users)
  • During promotions
  • During the free distribution of tokens (so-called WinDrops).

In the secondary market, WIN can be bought on exchanges such as Binance,, Poloniex, Liquid, WazirX and others.

You can get exposure to the cryptocurrency market by trading WIN or any other token you prefer through contracts for difference (CFD). These financial instruments track the price of the underlying asset and enable you to take either long or short positions on any of the instruments supported by the platform, based on your price forecasts. CFDs are leveraged products, so will magnify your gains – but also increase the size of your losses.

Do your own research and always remember your decision to trade depends on your attitude to risk, your expertise in this market, the spread of your investment portfolio and how comfortable you feel about losing money. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

WINk’s token – WINkLink, WIN or WINkLink coin – was released by the creators of the platform after the rebrand from TRONbet to WINk in July 2019.

It is not clear who makes up the development and management team but we know that Lucia Wong is CEO of WINk. You can watch her speech ‘Why the Blossoming of Decentralised Entertainment is Inevitable’ on #LinktheFuture Virtual Conference.

Each WINk user mines tokens by playing their favourite applications on the platform. The more time a user spends playing, the more tokens they receive.

There are 994.7 billion WINk coins available and 766.3 billion currently in circulation. Unlike bitcoin, there is an infinite supply. So, what does this mean for a WIN coin price prediction?

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