Wrapped Everscale price prediction: A decentralised super computer

WEVER is giving Everscale investors the possibility of trading on Ethereum and the BNB Chain

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WEVER is available as a BEP-20 token or an ERC-20 token – Photo: Shutterstock


The wrapped version of Everscale is making it easier to trade this scalability-focused token across different blockchains. But it has been plunged into the original EVER’s current bearish trend.

Some forecasters think WEVER will soon start to rally, but the extent of any recovery is debated.

The Everscale Network

The blockchain giants such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are often challenged over scalability, as they can process only a limited number of transactions per second. The Everscale network is pioneering new technology that is capable of verifying more than a million transactions every second.

This all takes place on EVER OS, a distributed operating system that acts as a decentralised worldwide computer.

Its website says: “Everscale presents a number of new and unique properties, such as dynamic multithreading, a soft majority consensus, and distributed programming, which enable it to be simultaneously scalable, fast, and secure.”

The network was designed with developers in mind. It has enabled common code languages, including Solidity and C++. Everscale has also launched its own software development kit and application programming interface.

This is enabling a bustling ecosystem of applications to be built on the blockchain, whether it is the decentralised exchange FlatQube, the NFT collection Scale Punks, or the decentralised browser Ever Surf.

What is Wrapped Everscale?

Powering this ecosystem is the EVER cryptocurrency. It is used to encourage and fund developers supporting the network.

This is completed through sub governances, a community group that makes a proposal to develop a new product, such as NFT or DeFi. Once this has been successfully voted and launched, they receive rewards in the EVER cryptocurrency.

A total of 10% of the tokenomics has been dedicated to encouraging developers and rewarding their work. An overwhelming majority of 85% is set aside for partnerships and fuelling adoption of the network, with the final 5% dedicated to rewarding validators.

As it exists on its own blockchain, EVER is limited when trading with Ethereum or Binance tokens. Recently, a wrapped version of the Everscale token was launched to solve this.

WEVER is available as an ERC-20 and BEP-20 token, which closely mirrors the price of the original token. This is letting investors trade with ease across blockchains.

WEVER's past performance

CoinMarketCap started tracking Wrapped Everscale on 27 June 2022, when it opened at $0.10. The token immediately plunged into a bearish trend, and it crashed to a low of $0.08 at the end of the month.

It has started climbing in recent weeks. A new feature was added to the Octus bridge, which was created by Broxus, the development team that built the WEVER token. The new Invisible Bridge feature allowed more flexibility for trading across Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchains.

Everscale also commemorated its second birthday by holding a lottery for holders of “commemorative anniversary NFTs”. Winners will be eligible to receive a portion of EVER tokens.

At the time of writing, on 10 August, WEVER has managed to pass its launch price and was trading at $0.11. It was also up 24% on the previous week.

Wrapped Everscale price prediction

There are some optimistic WEVER coin price predictions. TechNewsLeader felt able to predict that would climb to a maximum price of $0.40 in a year and to $1.23 in 2026. Its Wrapped Everscale price prediction for 2030 voresaw a new high of $5.27.

PricePrediction, however, said the token would only average out at $0.13 this year. Its Wrapped Everscale price prediction for 2025 suggested WEVER could hit $0.37 and $2.59 by the beginning of the next decade.

Similalry, the Wrapped Everscale token price prediction from Gov Capital thought the token could climb to $0.13 in a year and $0.23 in five years’ time.

DigitalCoinPrice’s Wrapped Everscale price prediction sfor 2022 averaged out at $0.15. The forecaster does not think the token is capable of passing $1 in the forseable future. It predicted a possible maximum price of $0.55 for 2030.


What is Wrapped Everscale?

Wrapped Everscale is a tokenised version of EVER, which currently exists on Ethereum and BNB chain. This is making it possible to trade the cryptocurrency across different blockchains.

How and where to buy Wrapped Everscale (WEVER) coins?

WEVER is available to purchase on FlatQube, a cryptocurrency exchange on the Everscale network.

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