XCAD Network price prediction: Will viewers flock to watch-to-earn?

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After the success of play-to-earn games, XCAD is pioneering a watch-to-earn platform

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Famous YouTubers have signed up to create their own tokens using the XCAD Network – Photo: Shutterstock


Imagine getting paid to watch YouTube videos. That is the vision from XCAD Network, which is creating a plugin where viewers will earn tokens by simply watching 80% of a video.

Users will not earn XCAD, however. Instead they will earn tokens created by the YouTubers themselves. Content creators who signed up to XCAD’s platform mint their own customised tokens, while creators are able to unlock their tokens periodically.

XCAD has attracted big names, with YouTubers who have millions of subscribers committing to the platform.

Despite investors waiting for the plugin to launch, the XCAD token has been performing in an incredibly volatile fashion. Its price history saw times when it lost almost half its price value in the space of days. However, many XCAD Network price predictions expect this volatility to work in the platform’s favour.

What is XCAD Network (XCAD)?

Blockchain technology is being used by brands and companies for engagement and an alternative source of income, whether it is Nike’s NFTs or FC Barcelona’s Socios token. XCAD network is bringing this concept to YouTube creators.

XCAD currently has 91 YouTubers signed up to create a token on its platform, which investors can analyse via its ‘Influencer MarketCap’ chart. When a creator enrols in the platform’s Content Creator Rewards programme, they are issued with unique content creator tokens. How they are customised is up to the creator. 

The other key part of XCAD is a YouTube plugin that allows investors to earn tokens by watching videos. This gives viewers a way to engage with their favourite creators, while YouTubers gain an extra source of income and a boost to engagement. The plugin was launched successfully in Q1 2022.

The XCAD Network token (XCAD) only launched recently, but its price history has already been incredibly volatile.

XCAD’s beginnings

XCAD launched on 27 May 2021 at $1.83 and saw an initial price surge. This peaked at $2.64 three days after its launch, following the annoucment that XCAD would be listed on Zilliqa’s DeFi platform ZilSwap.

However, after this peak, the price started falling in June and had dropped below its launch price. It spiked slightly on 20 June as rewards in the Opulous cryptocurrency were announced for those staking in its NFT farm. Yet it did not get past the $1.89 and by 26 June the token had dropped under $1.

It started rallying mid-August 2021 and passed the $1 mark for the first time since mid-July. This came after XCAD launched on the Polygon blockchain, along with a Polygon version of its NFT farm.

A volatile token

This rally continued into September where XCAD saw its first major breakout. At the beginning of the month, the network announced it was revealing YouTubers who will launch a token on its platform. It started on 3 September with the revelation that Capgun Tom, a creator who has one million subscribers, would be working with the platform. XCAD Network lived up to its promise and what followed was a seemingly endless stream of YouTuber announcements.

On 10 September, the price raced to $4.88 as XCAD announced its most popular YouTuber yet, Lance Stewart, who has more than 6.5 million subscribers. After the announcement, however, XCAD fell back below $4.

It climbed past the $4 mark again on 25 September as the network announced the YouTuber Morgz, who has more than 11 million subscribers, would release their own token.

XCAD was unable to maintain this high valuation and started falling, dropping below $3 in October. The coin started rallying again at the end of the month, after the launch of a  bridge between the ERC-20 and ZRC-2 versions of the token. The price surge also came after DAOMaker tweeted about the plugin, saying it had tested XCAD Network out and it “will be big”.

By the beginning of November, XCAD saw its biggest breakout yet. It raced to a peak of $8.58 on 9 November, coming very close to the $10 psychological barrier. The price surge was on the same day XCAD Network announced a liquidity pool on the Zilliqa blockchain.

XCAD’s price was even more volatile in November, but it managed to stay above $5 for the whole month. This volatility continued into December, with it fluctuating between $8 and $5.

The token saw its biggest breakout in 2022, where it reached its all-time high of $9.06 on 20 January. This came after the announcement of creator liquidity offerings (CLO). These are essentially ICOs for the YouTubers’ tokens, allowing investors to purchase tokens before they go live to build up the liquidity. Every token is set to have a CLO. The all-time high also came after the LUNR token was listed on XCAD’s decentralised exchange.

Since breaking its price record, XCAD plummeted to $3.03 as February came to a close. March remained largely uneventful in terms of price action, but late April saw a rallying high of $4.89. Rumours circulated of a possible integration with Metapolis, and the coin rallied again in May. 

Michaël van de Poppe, a prominent crypto analyst, quoted the following:

The token bucked a market-wide downturn and peaked at $4.37 on 26 May. However, these cycles are frequently met with extreme volatility, and as of 18 August and at the time of writing, the Web 3.0 token is trading at $1.87. 

Its price history looks like a mountain range with plenty of rallies and crashes, but as content creators and viewers become more involved in the watch-to-earn space, does XCAD have a more stable future ahead?

XCAD Network price prediction

While some forecasts have made a stable prediction, others are predicting that XCAD will continue its volatile trend. PricePrediction is one of the latter, expecting it to soar to new heights in the long term. Its XCAD Network price prediction for 2022 is $1.92 in December. The website forecasts the token to be worth an average of $5.77 in 2025. Its XCAD Network price prediction for 2030 expects the coin to race to a staggering $38.85 average price.

On the other hand, DigitalCoinPrice offers a much more reserved XCAD coin price prediction. It expects the price to climb to $2.77 in September, and still be worth around $2.77 by December. The site also forecasts an average value of $2.74 in 2023 and $2.74 in 2024. Its XCAD Network price prediction for 2025 is $3.55, but it predicts the coin will fall to $3.34 the following year. Unlike the PricePrediction forecast, DigitalCoinPrice only expects XCAD to reach $8.57 in 2030.

WalletInvestor thinks XCAD is an “acceptable” long-term investment, predicting the token will pass the $2 mark in January 2023. Its XCAD price prediction expects growth to continue for the next five years, hitting $2.35 in 2027.

TechNewsLeader offers another bullish XCAD price prediction. It expects the token to reach around the $3.87 mark this year, with warnings about a potential dump. However, it forecasts that XCAD will surge to $11.76 in 2025 and predicts a whopping $72.54 price tag for 2030, and $106.43 in 2031.

There is a consensus from price predictions that XCAD has a strong future. With its plugin expected to launch soon, there are high expectations. Delivering its promise of a watch-to-earn platform will be key to its success.


How many XCAD Network coins are there?

It is unclear how many XCAD tokens there are. According to CoinMarketCap, there are 31.1 million circulating XCAD, while CoinGecko has listed a circulating supply of 24 million XCAD.

Is XCAD Network a good investment?

It might be. XCAD has seen a very volatile price history, with its value fluctuating frequently. This volatility means any investor should be prepared to lose whatever they invest.

Will XCAD Network go up?

The majority of XCAD price predictions expect the token to skyrocket in the following years. TechNewsLeader thinks it will soar past $10 by 2025. However, there are more reserved long-term forecasts, like DigitalCoinPrice. Remember, price predictions are frequently inaccurate and do not take into account all market conditions. Always perform independent research before investing.

Should I invest in XCAD Network?

It depends. XCAD has proved to be a very volatile token with its price constantly fluctuating. There are some very bullish price predictions for XCAD but the network has still not fulfilled its promise of a watch-to-earn platform. Remember, you should always do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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